Ellipse electrifies its M1 and offers an E1 in the pure spirit of the current hybrid bike

Ellipse E1

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After an M1 with accents of a 100% urban muscle bike, Ellipse is back with an electric version, called E1. The idea remains the same: to offer a sober and sporty model with a good touch of connectivity. A machine in the same vein as Angell or VanMoof brought to wander above all on the arteries of large cities.

The Ellipse E1 sits on a hydroformed aluminum frame that houses a 360 Wh battery in its downtube. As often on this type of electric bike, the motor is placed in the hub of the rear wheel. Here is operated a motor of the German brand Mivice (M070), which develops barely 35 Nm of torque. The combination with a single-speed belt transmission leaves no room for doubt as to the desire to offer an electric bike offering dynamism. The lightness of the motor-battery couple allows Ellipse to market a VAE under the 18 kg bar.

The wheels are shod in 28-inch Mitas LongWay tires that are 1.6 inches wide. A choice that is also clearly geared towards performance. To compensate for the rigidity of the frame and the low volume of air contained in the tires, the E1 still offers a suspended seatpost. The profile of the saddle is like the rest and adapts to sporty riding. Braking is provided by hydraulic disc brakes of an unknown brand.

Unlike the M1 which places a lot of accessories on the option list, the Ellipse E1 comes equipped with mudguards and a kickstand as standard. A priori, fixings are provided for a possible rear luggage rack and a pannier rack at the front, as on its cousin. The lighting system is integrated into the frame with a front light and another at the rear, connected to the battery. A pair of turn signals are embedded in the seatstays and at the end of the handlebar grips. An interesting choice for an urban bike, even if we know the propensity of users of all stripes to use this device in town.

The connected part is provided by a lock that detects the movements of the bike and a GPS chip to locate it if necessary. Everything goes through a mobile app. A USB port is offered on the frame to recharge your smartphone if necessary.

For now, the Ellipse E1 is only for pre-order on the brand’s website. The first 200 pieces are offered at 1990 €, then the following at the recommended price of 2490 €. An interesting price when the new Angell are offered for 1000 € more, and aligned with that of the VanMoof S5.

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