Electric charging points: a monthly availability rate of 82%

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It seems like a long time ago when the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility (Avere-France) sounded the alarm about the delay in the development of charging stations.

According to the latest monthly statement from Avere-France carried out at the end of October 2022, the national territory has 75,279 charging points open to the public, i.e. 28,737 terminals. These figures are provided by Gireve, the interoperability platform which puts operators and installers of charging stations and other electrical networks in contact.

Beyond an increase of 53% over one year, the charging points still need to be operational, knowing that between October 2021 and October 2022, the number of monthly sessions per charging point went from one just over 7 to 14, peaking at over 16 last July.

This is how Avere-France decided to include each month in its National barometer of infrastructure and charging stations open to the public the availability rate of each charging point. Are taken into account the points said “available”to know “neither in maintenance nor out of service”.

For this first census, the rate averaged 82% depending on the power category of the charging points. In detail, the availability rate was 81.77% for alternating current (AC) outlets, 78.84% for direct current (DC) less than 150 kW, and 84.67% for those equal to or greater than 150kW.

For comparison, a study of the French Association for Roaming Electric Vehicle Charging (Afirev), relating to the quality of electric charging services from November 2021 to May 2022, showed that “75.7% of charging points worked 99% of the time [contre 73,4 % lors du second semestre 2021, NDLR] and that 4.42% of the charging points do not work for at least seven consecutive days” (compared to 6.26% in the second half of 2021).

Remember that a charging point corresponds to a single socket on which a single electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can be recharged. A charging station is therefore equipment integrating a certain number of sockets or charging points, also called connectors.

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