eBay acquires TCGplayer and continues its investment in the trading card market

eBay, the famous online auction platform, announced on August 22, 2022 the acquisition of the site specializing in trading cards, TCGplayers. The deal is worth $295 million.

It’s time to collect. With this acquisition, eBay obtains one of the largest online trading and trading card trading platforms. In addition to providing Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic cards, TCGplayer offers a card storage service. Announced in a press release on August 22, the agreement amounts to approximately 295 million euros. An investment that does not make eBay shudder since the company declares in this same press release that “collectible cards are an attractive market that has seen substantial growth”.

If the communities of collectors have never let go, the market for collectible cards has indeed exploded in recent years. eBay sold more than 45 million cards in 2020, and at the start of 2021, close to 139 trading cards per minute were purchased there. Figures that explain the online auction site’s investment in this sector, first through its association with Professional Sport Authenticator, an organization responsible for inspecting and classifying cards, but above all with the opening of eBay. Vault, a gigantic temperature-controlled warehouse for keeping high-value cards safe.

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