DxO PureRAW comes in version 3 and further improves its algorithms

When a photographer is looking for a demosaicing solution, DxO offers two options: PhotoLab and PureRAW. While the former is independent software, the latter also behaves like a plug-in, adding its functionality to another software, such as Lightroom, for example.


DxO PureRAW is software for processing RAW files. You can use it alongside your favorite photo editing software to pre-process images.

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DxO PureRAW 3 goes to Windows and MacOS

PureRAW 3 benefits from integration with Windows, MacOS and Lightroom

PureRAW 3 benefits from integration with Windows, MacOS and Lightroom

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While DxO PureRAW is content with Lightroom, versions 2 and 3 also benefit from integration with Microsoft and Apple file explorers. It thus becomes possible, with a simple right click, to process photos directly from the Finder or Windows Explorer.

Obviously, the publisher is taking advantage of this new version of PureRAW to improve its DeepPrime XD algorithm, which allows digital noise removal based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unlike other denoising solutions, DeepPrime XD makes a point of retaining details without smoothing the image. It is thus possible to gain up to 2.5 stops of ISO. In addition, DxO’s demosaicing software works with Bayer’s mosaic sensors as well as with Fujifilm’s X-Trans sensors.

The Boulogne-Billancourt-based software publisher is thus taking advantage of this new iteration to globally improve the recipe without modifying it in depth. DxO PureRAW 3 should therefore remain the most powerful solution for removing noise in a photo, but also for improving sharpness or correcting optical defects.

Price and availability

The DxO PureRAW 3 software is already available on the publisher’s website. If you haven’t had a chance to upgrade to this solution yet made in France, it will cost you 129 €. If, on the other hand, you are already using a previous version of PureRAW, the upgrade will only cost you €79.

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