DxO PhotoLab 6: ever more powerful and accessible

It has been almost 20 years since DxO launched its Optics Pro photo correction solution. In 2022, the Boulogne-Billancourt firm returns with the sixth iteration of its flagship software, PhotoLab.

More powerful and complete

DxO first sought to strengthen its denoising protocol called DeepPrime. With PhotoLab 6, the latter has an XD mode (for eXtreme Details). In addition to improved digital noise smoothing, it makes it possible to recover even more details on damaged files and, above all, to preserve the colors as much as possible despite the noise.

DxO even claims that with its program an image captured at 4000 ISO will retain the same appearance as a snapshot captured at 500 ISO, which remains to be confirmed. With DeepPrime, the raw files passed through the application’s mill come out in DNG format, which can always be edited as desired.

DeepPrime XD

Print simulation according to printers

A print simulation option has also been added to the program, which allows you to simulate color rendering according to the photo printer model used. A photographer will be able to have the assurance that his work will not be distorted if the corrections are adjusted according to the chosen printer.

Still in color management, DxO has developed a new working colorimetric space called DxO Wide Gamut. This is supposed to offer wider coverage than the classic sRGB and Adobe RGB 1998 profiles.

A new localized editing tool

A brand new ReTouch repair and duplication tool makes its debut. It is reminiscent of a similar function from competitor Adobe Photoshop. This option has also been added to prevent the user from having to leave PhotoLab 6 for this type of localized editing.

The processing of Exif and IPTC data has also been reviewed, while data lines have been added to further improve the storage, sorting and hierarchy of photos.

ViewPoint 4: Easily adjust the shape of your image

At the same time as PhotoLab 6, DxO presented the new formula of its shape correction program, ViewPoint 4. With the latter, the correction of anamorphosis, perspectives or even the addition of miniature effects to images become accessible from just one click. According to DxO, it is then possible to almost instantly modify the deformations of an image thanks to a lot of AI work.

DxO explains that straightening lines distorted by the effect of rolling-shutter or restoring a room to the right perspective is done quickly and very easily. With the ReShape tool, this type of correction can also be made in a localized and precise way.

Price and availability

DxO PhotoLab 6 is available in two versions: Essential (two workstations) and Elite (three workstations with the perspective correction tool). PhotoLab 6 Essential is sold on the DxO website for €139 and the Elite version for €219. For owners of PhotoLab 5, the update from the Essential version to the new one will cost €75, and from the Elite to the new Elite for €99.

With ViewPoint 4, you will have to pay €99 for a new license and €59 for an update. Both programs are available from October 5, 2022.

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