Dugina’s murder is a warning to Erdogan

Why was Dugin the target of the attack? Prof. Vladimir Chukov commented on this case before “Bulgaria on Air” TV. “Dugin turned out to be an interesting person not because of his ideas, but because of his connections. This man built incredibly warm relations with Erdogan,” he explained. According to him, an explanatory key is the version that it was Dugin who brought the letter with which Putin warned Erdogan that there would be a coup attempt.

“The murder of Dugina is also a very strong warning for Erdogan, because he is currently living a second political career, thanks to Putin,” he stated.

Prof. Chukov further summarized that the likely reason for the dismissal of the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, is because the intention of the Federation to take over Ukraine in a few days never happened.

“Many experts believe that Dugina’s assassination will set a new stage in the development of the war in Ukraine, but we will have to see,” he concluded.

According to Chukov, migrants Turkey is like a sponge that absorbs water. Currently there are about 6 million migrants there. Of them, 3.7 million are Syrians, and Afghans are the best organized nation when it comes to migration, Prof. Chukov explained.

According to him, the migrants feel uncomfortable in Turkey, but they do not want to return to Syria either, which is why they take trips to Europe.

“Politicians talk about fencing, tightening and staffing. However, first we need to see what our philosophy is,” he believes.


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