Duel comparison: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Xiaomi 13 Pro

Samsung and Xiaomi are used to providing us with high quality panels, and this is once again the case here. The screen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a little larger than that of the Xiaomi 13 Pro (6.8 inches against 6.73 inches), but the latter benefits from a higher definition and resolution (522 dpi against 501 dpi). Thanks to AMOLED technology, the two panels benefit from infinite contrast and zero afterglow time.

Both displays are extremely bright, but the 13 Pro’s displays peak impressively at 1441 cd/m². That of Samsung reaches 1377 cd/m², which is frankly excellent, and benefits from an even lower minimum value.

Xiaomi 13 Pro (Original Colors Mode)
Samsung Galxy S23 Ultra (Natural)

It is obviously possible to choose between different display modes, but it is the Xiaomi 13 Pro that does the best. By choosing the “Original Colors” mode, the color temperature is 6575 kelvins, with a delta E of 1.3. Almost perfect values, even more pleasant than those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The touch delay is also a little lower (48 ms against 53 ms).

The reflectance rate of the S23 Ultra is also higher (43% against 39.7%) than that of the Xiaomi 13 Pro. We therefore prefer the latter on a daily basis. But rest assured, the experience offered remains high-flying whatever your choice.

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