Drink warm water after waking up

  • The result of the ancient practice is zero if you add lemon or honey
  • This “internal shower” accelerates metabolism by 20-30 percent and calories burn faster

Millions of people around the world follow the ancient practice of cleansing their bodies with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. However, most of them slightly flavor it – add lemon or a spoonful of honey. However, then the health effect is zero.

This is proven by two new studies – from the USA and from Russia.

Drinking warm water immediately after waking up is one of the basic rules for people who care about their health. But with such supplements, the water goes to the liver first. It is held there “for analysis”, so it is not possible to wash away the toxins and they will circulate in your blood for another day, nutrition experts say.

It is very important that the water is warm, but not steaming

You can pour it into a thermos in the evening and put it by the bed, or as soon as you get up, heat the kettle to do the wash before breakfast.
Experts advise to start with one glass of warm water on an empty stomach, then increase the dose slightly every day. As a result, in time you will consume two glasses of pure warm water every morning.
Why do we do this? This is how we prepare our gastrointestinal tract for work, start the whole body. The stomach will not let cold water pass before it warms it. So if the liquid is already warm, the process of “waking up” the body will accelerate.

She calls the therapy with warm water before eating an “internal shower”, which quickly dilutes the toxins produced during the night and removes them from the body.
Drinking pure water without additives is also important because many people have a damaged gallbladder.

Any water with impurities stimulates the outflow of bile, and there is no need to irritate the mucous membrane. At the same time, clean warm water cleans the bile ducts and thus contributes to an easier outflow of bile later.

Cold water “shocks” the digestive organs, causes a spasm of the gall bladder

This leads to bile stagnation and constipation. Therefore, cold water in the morning is not the best solution. The boil also traumatizes the internal organs.
At a temperature of up to 40 degrees, it best cleanses the body and stimulates the metabolism.
It is recommended to drink the water 10 minutes after waking up, not to boil it and to keep it still for some time.

It can be filtered or sourced.

Have breakfast no earlier than 45 minutes after drinking it

The tradition of fasting water therapy comes from the East. For centuries, Japan has practiced the “water cure” ritual, which involves drinking 4 glasses of water every morning right after waking up, even before brushing your teeth.

Tibetan monks believe that this habit prevents many diseases and prolongs youth. According to them, warm water maintains the energy balance of yin and yang.

And traditional medicine highlights the healing role that a glass of warm water has on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps wash away the toxins that the body breaks down during sleep, cleanses the intestines and stomach.

It stimulates the production of gastric enzymes, reduces the acidity of gastric juice. This helps in faster and better absorption of food. The effect on the circulatory and lymphatic systems is beneficial.

According to research, a glass of warm water speeds up metabolism by 20-30%. One of the results is burning more calories and losing weight accordingly.
Digestion and intestinal motility are improved and excretory processes in the body are stimulated –

an excellent way to fight constipation

Warm water relaxes smooth muscles, relieves intestinal spasms, reduces muscle cramps at night.

Experts claim that regularly drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach strengthens immunity.
Mood improves, irritability decreases, as it positively affects the nervous system.

This practice acts prophylactically against diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, has a diuretic effect, removes swelling and edema,

lowers the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections

It also improves the condition of the skin and hair, helps rashes to disappear.

If you still like to drink the water with lemon or sweetened honey, do it at another time of the day, experts advise.


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