Dragan Mihajlovic in front of Darik and dsport: My heart stayed in Levski, Stoilov organized the club – Levski

Dragan Mihajlovic was a key part of the Levski team that won the Bulgarian Cup in 2022. The Serbian with a Swiss passport arrived at Georgi Asparuhov in difficult times for the Blues. He was devoted to the team and helped him in difficult and happy days. Darik radio and looked for Mihajlovic, who currently plays for the club where he grew up – Bellinzona. In Switzerland, Dragan is the captain of the team and now plays in a new position – midfielder.

“Everything is fine at this stage. I came home. Bellinzona is a club that has known me since I was a child. I am the captain of the team. In the league we are not performing at our best because our goal is to be in the top three to qualify for League One and we are fighting for that. I perform well. I have three goals and three assists. I changed the position, I am now a midfielder, so to speak, I act as number 8. I feel better. I’m closer to the goal, I play more with the ball and because of that I have more goals and assists,” said Mihajlovic.

The Serb has not forgotten his time in Levski. His photo in one of the attachments is with the Cup of Bulgaria and the scarf of the “blues”, which was tied to it.

“That’s right. I put this picture on myself to mark the year 2022 in this way. This year, on the one hand, was difficult, but on the other, very successful for Levski, because we won the Bulgarian Cup. Those were very good moments in Levski. I am very pleased that I was with such teammates, that I worked with such people at the club. I think my heart stayed in Levski. I keep in touch. It’s Bilal Barry’s birthday today and I called him to hear it, I’m in touch with quite a few other guys as well. They are now in Dubai, but I spoke recently with Tsunami, Sonko Sundberg and Jose Cordoba. We’re on great terms. I have friends who are outside the club, but we have kept in touch. At the moment I am a supporter of Levski. I support the team, I watch it whenever I have the chance. I’m waiting for a good opportunity to be able to come and do it at the stadium as well,” Dragan continued to Darik Radio.

We returned Mihajlovic to the Bulgarian Cup final, which was one of his last matches with the Levski team. “If I had scored the chance I missed, everything would have been great, but we can’t complain anyway. In this match, all of us, together with the coaches and staff, were excellently prepared. We did everything to get a perfect match. Our opponent was the city opponent – CSKA. It was fantastic to dominate like that. It was great in the stands where my family was – my father, my mother, my wife and my children. We brought a cup to the people who had been to Levski for so many years, even though there were no successes. We wanted to be the ones to bring the cup, but we worked hard for it. Mr. Stoilov had an important role, because we started working hard during the preparations in Turkey. For six months we were focused only on football and we were very happy that in the end we succeeded”, added the former player of the “Blues” from Sofia.

“My first three or four months in Levski were difficult because there were footballers who looked at the money and those who were here to be in Levski. I came to play football and I didn’t hide it. It was hard for me to watch teammates who only think about money and are not ready to play without money for Levski! There was no control in the club. That changed when Stanimir Stoilov came. He organized the club. You have to respect the fans. Everyone in the club should do it, and whoever doesn’t want to can leave. This was a big change,” Mihajlovic also stated.

“I still have fans texting me on the phone. I hope when I have less commitments because we are still in the season, I can come and watch the team. I think that I have left the door open so that I can go to the team, and why not one day play for Levski again”, Dragan Mihajlovic concluded his interview.

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