Dr. Marco sneered at Wolf: Thanks Mercedes for the rule changes

Dr. Marco sneered at Wolf: Thanks Mercedes for the rule changes

Helmut Marko; photo: Michael Potts

Dr. Helmut Marko was very happy with the development of the competition in Belgium. Yesterday the pilots of his team Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez recorded double success and they really had absolutely no competition.

The Spa-Francorchamps race was the first to introduce the new FIA technical directive. According to her, the teams should have changed their floor designs to reduce the effect of bouncing and make the races closer.

Rather than reducing Red Bull’s advantage, the new directive helped the Milton Keys team. The RB18 car was like a rocket on the straights and had incredible cornering stability. This allowed Verstappen to take an easy victory despite starting 14th. The world champion recorded his ninth success since the start of the 2022 season and is now 93 points ahead of team-mate Sergio Perez.

Dr. Marko commented on whether Red Bull will now focus on the development of the car for the 2023 season, as it is effectively left without any competition for the two titles.

Ours philosophy is let’s not stop yes everything we develop. Next year we will have almost the same chassis,” the Red Bull adviser said.

The Austrian did not miss to make fun of Mercedes. The team from Brackley insisted on changes with the floors of this year’s cars. Despite the new directive, the W13 car once again moved away from Red Bull’s.

It can would will must Yes changeable something in the chassis because of the new ones guidelines on Toto. They they worked a lot good this one weekend! thanks of Mercedes for the new rule changes. Now their car is even further behind,” said Dr. Marko.

Thanks to the double victory, Verstappen and Perez occupied the first two positions in the drivers’ standings. At the same time, Red Bull has an advance of 118 points in the constructors ahead of Ferrari. The Scuderia should worry about Mercedes as the Germans are just 41 points behind.

Dr Marco also praised Perez’s performance at the Spa-Francorchamps race weekend.

Everything it was perfect starting from ain the car and get to the tires. The win was pretty easy.”

“Satisfied i am from the performance on Peres. If you fall behind with more from a second by time on the first workoutso this is good result,” added Dr. Helmut Marko.