Dozens detained and severe disturbances – the pride in Belgrade still took place

Protests against the holding of Europride in the center of Belgrade have been going on for weeks.

Far-right factions and football agitators took to the streets of the Serbian capital and demanded that Pride be banned. The outcry forced the Serbian government to officially ban the LGBT march for security reasons.

The Prime Minister of Serbia – Ana Brnabic – who is homosexual, also initially spoke out against the march, with her main argument also being the safety of those attending.

And yet, Pride on the evening of September 17 took place, although it led to a lot of disturbances.

By late Saturday afternoon, it was clear that Burnabych felt serious international pressure and allowed the march to go ahead anyway. The Prime Minister declares that he will ensure the smooth passage of the parade through the center of the city, and so several thousand people flock there.

EuroPride marks the end of European Pride Week and takes place every year in a different European city. This year, this city is the Serbian capital.

However, when the demonstrators reach Osvobozhdenie Blvd., clashes with opponents of the procession occur. The latter tried to prevent the demonstration from reaching the parliament building and forced the police to intervene.

To control the situation, the police resorted to the use of tear gas and smoke bombs. Journalists who tried to cover the event were also injured.

60 people were arrested, mostly from far-right and conservative movements.

This is not the first time that pride in Belgrade has been brutally attacked. Serious tensions also arose during the first gay parade in Serbia in 2001, and street fights broke out in 2010.

And photos from yesterday’s event can be seen above in the gallery.


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