‘Don’t worry, you’re next’: New threat against J.K.  Rowling

‘Don’t worry, you’re next’: New threat against J.K. Rowling

An expression of sympathy for a fellow writer led to another threat against the author of the magical world of Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling.

Police Scotland said on Sunday they were investigating reports of an “online threat” made against the writer.

This comes after Rowling described the information about the attack on Salman Rushdie as “terrifying news” on the Twitter social network. The author of the book “The Satanic Verses” was stabbed several times during his public appearance on Friday. In her post, Rowling expressed hope that her co-star will be fine.

In response, a Twitter user, with the profile name Meer Asif Aziz, wrote: “Don’t worry, you’re next.”

Rowling shared screenshots of the threat with a call for action on Twitter. Later published the answer from the team of the social network – according to them, there is no violation of the rules in “you are the next”.

However, measures were taken from another place – the writer announced that the police had taken up the case, and in parentheses explained that the law enforcement authorities were already investigating other threats against her.

There was also a public reaction from Warner Bros. Discovery – the parent company of the Warner Bros. studio, filming the stories from the magical world created by Rowling. Company representatives condemned the threats and indicated that they “stand behind [Роулинг] and all authors, storytellers, and creators who boldly express their creativity and opinions.”

They added that the company believes in freedom of expression, peaceful discourse and support for those who express their opinions publicly. From Warner Bros. Discovery also condemns the attack on Rushdie.

J.K. Rowling is not the first to face threats to her life.

The author of the books of the “Harry Potter” series stirred spirits back in 2019, when she revealed her views on the subject of gender. Her comments at the time were provoked by proposals for legal changes in the UK.

In a series of tweets and then an online essay, Rowling defended her position that women’s rights are threatened by claims that biological sex is not real. She explained that her positions were based on her experience as a victim of domestic abuse and sexual abuse.

Rowling commented that most transgender people do deserve “protection”, but opined that it is not safe for any man who “believes to be or feels like a woman” to be allowed into women’s changing rooms or toilets.

Some – including LGBT rights groups – took her words as anti-transgender. This led to insults ranging from accusations of transphobia to the use of the term TERF (transgender exclusionary radical feminist).

However, some activists went further. In November 2021, Rowling revealed that she had received numerous threats against her life.

The writer then also complained about transgender rights activists who had posted on Twitter a photo of them standing in front of her home, with the address visible. “Perhaps… the best way to protect your movement is not to threaten women, but to stop stalking, harassing and threatening us,” she commented at the time.