Donations to the “Change” campaign shrank.  GERB, DPS and “Vazrazhdane” do not

Donations to the “Change” campaign shrank. GERB, DPS and “Vazrazhdane” do not

The pre-election donations for “We continue the change” have shrunk several times compared to the autumn 2021 campaign. This became clear from the interim reports of the parties to the Audit Chamber.

BGN 308,000 was raised by “We continue the change” for the vote on October 2. For their entire campaign in November 2021, PP attracted 6 times more money – 1.8 million BGN. Their interim reports in the fall of 2021 were about 3 times more donations – nearly a million BGN.

This time, PP received only one donation for BGN 100,000. It was made by Svetozar Georgiev, and the money was from the sale of shares. Vasil Terziev and Georgi Dochev gave BGN 50,000 each, and Georgi Pavlov gave BGN 20,000.

So far, there have been no donations from the biggest backer in the previous campaign – former transport minister Nikolay Sabev.

Traditionally, GERB and DPS do not accept donations, therefore they have not reported anything either. Among the parties in the 47th National Assembly, “Vazrazhdane” did not declare any. For the vote in November, she received 3 donations for a total of BGN 12,480.

BSP received 8 donations from sympathizers for a total of BGN 5,200. 24 candidates for deputies also gave money – a total of BGN 17,850. The Left also received two non-monetary donations, BGN 2,112.30 each, from the former deputy head of the National Assembly, Christian Vigenin. It is not clear what exactly they went for, but they are usually given for goods, services, advertising materials, etc.

“Democratic Bulgaria” received a total of BGN 250 from two sympathizers, and from three candidates for deputies there were non-monetary donations, which equal BGN 595.20, BGN 400 and BGN 2,100.

BGN 2,000 was donated to the “There is such a people” campaign by the ex-deputy and screenwriter of Slavi Trifonov, Filip Stanev. Viktor Rashev translated BGN 10,000, and Dimitar Danailov – BGN 30,000. Of the candidates for deputies, Alexander Alexandrov gave BGN 10,000, and screenwriters Alexander Valchev and Dragomir Petrov – BGN 3,000 and BGN 10, respectively. BGN 1,000. Tanya Timeva also joined the campaign with BGN 5,000.

VMRO received 16 donations from sympathizers for a total of BGN 13,650. Another BGN 33,895 was given by 40 of the candidate MPs.

One person donated to Stefan Yanev’s new party “Bulgarian Rise”. Georgi Lichev gave her BGN 2,800.

A total of BGN 19,700 was collected by Maya Manolova’s “Stand Up Bulgaria” from five people.

One donation, but for BGN 22,817, there is “Bulgarian Social Democracy – Euroleft” by Dimitar Mitev. NFSB has 2 donations of BGN 1,250 each from leaders Boris Yachev and Dancho Hadjiev. Penka Devedzhieva transferred BGN 400 to Petar Moskov’s KOD, and Mincho Hristov gave BGN 100 to “Movement of Non-Party Candidates”.