Domino’s pizzas are being recalled from Italy due to “low interest”.

Domino’s pizzas are being recalled from Italy due to “low interest”.

The American pizza company Domino’s is suspending operations in Italy due to lack of sufficient interest from customers, Bloomberg reported.

The chain entered the homeland of pizza late – only in 2015 and had only 33 stores. The initial plans were for 880 locations, but the otherwise popular worldwide pizza delivery brand faced competition from local restaurants. The main problem came during the pandemic, when Italian pizzerias had to survive by entering Domino’s territory – home delivery.

So the chain fell into debt and had difficulties with its creditors.

The brand’s plans were similar to those around the world – a well-structured supply network and the chain’s classic menu, including pineapple and chicken pizzas. Something the Italians would find hard to swallow.

However, traditional pizzerias also started deliveries through specialized companies such as Just Eat, Takeaway or Glovo, and the lockdowns marked the peak of the process.

“We attribute the problem to the significantly increased level of competition in the food delivery market – both with organized chains and small family restaurants that are also already delivering,” ePizza, the Italian company, said in its 2021 investor report. which has a contract for the franchise of the American chain.

The other reason for the negative results is the subsequent opening of restaurants, which also leads to a decline in demand for takeaway pizza.

According to the annual audit, the Italian branch of Domino’s had debts of more than 10 million euros and was even granted protection from claims and liens by the court for 90 days earlier in the year. However, this period ended on July 1.