Does he have time left for the Bulgarian refereeing? Kasai may work for BFS only in his spare time – BG Football

A rather surprising piece of news appeared in the media today. The head of the Bulgarian referees, Viktor Kasai, has been appointed as a referee observer in the Europa League tournament. The Hungarian will see if everything is according to the rules of the match Sivasspor РMalm̦ Sweden.

Well, Kasai takes on commitments outside of the main job that involve a long absence. At first glance, there is nothing wrong, but only if everything in the SC of the BFS is in order. And there’s nothing wrong there.

When does he have time to do his main duties, which are to work and improve the judiciary in Bulgaria, for which he receives a rather large salary. Or does he only do this when he has free time? Maybe everything in SC is correct and the plan is even overfilled. This is how he arranged things and trained the referees so that he can afford to set foot in Bulgaria for a few days a year when he has no other work. In fact, he does.

Or Kasai very cleverly uses his appointment in BFS to arrange his outfits in the Europa League.

He didn’t care about the judges in Europe. Obviously, they are interested in him, since he will be providing evaluations as a referee observer in the second most powerful tournament.

Now it has become abundantly clear why Kasai is pulling his tail and does not dare to protect the Bulgarian clubs from the teslas of judges in Europe. He’ll open his mouth, but what about the well-padded outfits? That’s why it’s easier for Kasai to repeat that “that’s how life is” while our clubs are reeling from the axes.

If he intends to continue like this and work for BFS only when he has free time, there is no point in keeping him in Boyana. He better go!

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