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In an era where ecological efforts are becoming essential, brands are all trying to get involved and offer responsible and sustainable alternatives. But, is this enough to convince consumers?

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The YouGov research institute has published a study devoted to the ecological promises of brands. Are consumers wary of it? Globally, 44% of consumers say they try to buy products only from socially and environmentally responsible companies. But how much do they trust them?

Users are skeptical of brand engagement

According to results obtained by YouGov, 60% of respondents agree with the statement “I am skeptical of most brands’ attempts to convince me that they are environmentally friendly”. The British (71%), the Spaniards (69%) and the French (66%) are also at the top of the most skeptical consumers. On the contrary, markets in the APAC region (with the exception of Australia (63%)) seem to be less wary, compared to the global average.

Small or big brands: who do consumers trust?

The YouGov study also questioned company size as a factor impacting consumer confidence. The institute wondered if the respondents tend to trust the speeches of the small brands rather than those of the big brands. Respondents are overall more likely to consider small brands to be more credible than large ones.

Among the most skeptical respondents, 36% are more likely to believe ads from small brands than big ones. Among the 7% of consumers who trust brands, 27% are more inclined to be convinced by small brands. The same trend can be observed on national markets.

Methodology :

Omnibus study carried out in October 2022 among 19,755 adults in 18 countries (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Poland, United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, China, Indonesia , Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada). All studies were conducted online and the samples are representative of national populations, with the exception of Mexico and India (representative samples of the urban population), Hong Kong and Indonesia (representative samples of the people online).

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