Disney wants to create a link between consumption in the parks and Disney+ content, and vice versa

The company with big ears aims to link the real consumption and the virtual consumption of its users. In interview given to the annual Tech Live event on wall street journalDisney CEO Bob Chapek said the company is looking at a way to tailor the two experiences based on how you interact with its physical and digital offerings.

If you’re on Disney Plus, we should be aware of what happened, what you experienced, what you liked, the last time you visited a park, and vice versa. When you’re at a park, we should know what your Disney Plus viewing habits are”, explains Bob Chapek. Who illustrates his point with a concrete example: a visitor to the park who made the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean and having liked it would then be entitled to personalized content around Pirates of the Caribbean once he logs onto Disney+. “What you get is special programming tailored to Pirates of the Caribbean that would be unique to people like you and personalized to your preferences.”, he adds.

However, Bob Chapek did not reveal more details, in particular about the timetable for the implementation of such a project. He just said the company was “double down“. This is not the CEO’s first statement regarding a joint experience that combines real and virtual. In a interview given to Deadline in September, Chapek said Disney wanted to reunite “both parts of the Walt Disney Company in one, for a common customer experience“, through its streaming service and its parks.

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