Discrimination and harassment: Apple sued by a former employee

New case of harassment at Apple. Lawyer accuses US firm of firing her after she exposed abuseextremes” of which she was the victim on the part of a male colleague with whom she had a relationship. The alleged victim claims to have received death threats and denounces the inaction of the management of the apple brand.

The victim complained of “domestic violence

Jayna Richardson Whitt filed her lawsuit against Apple in California on December 20, according to the document seen by Bloomberg. At the time of the alleged facts, the lawyer was director of intellectual property transactions within the company. According to her, Apple did not react adequately after she announced that she was a victim “of domestic violence.

While she maintained a “personal relationship” with a male colleague, the latter would have assaulted her. She also accuses him of having hacked into her iPhone and several of her online accounts. After reporting the alleged facts to Apple, the company would not have taken into account the seriousness of the situation and would have even demoted the complainant. In his complaint, Whitt targets his former superior who “favored white men and subjected minorities, women and disabled employees to discriminatory treatment.” His career at Apple was reportedly hampered multiple times after the alleged facts were reported to his management.

At the same time, Apple would not have provided the necessary assistance to allow him to secure his digital data against his alleged attacker. After death threats, the Cupertino firm left her “defenseless“, she explains in the file.

emotional distress” and “harm to his career

The plaintiff says she was fired by Apple after the firm’s alleged inaction was publicly exposed in an essay published last April. The company launched an investigation into her conduct before laying her off in July.”based on charges […] that she violated Apple’s policies“, states the complaint. As reported Business Insiderplaintiff seeks unspecified damages due to the “emotional distress“suffered and for the”damage to his career.“Contacted by our colleagues, the company did not react.

Apple recently allowed its employees to publicly discuss the issue of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. “Employees have the right to speak freely about their working conditions, including harassment and discrimination, and we offer a range of resources for employees to answer questions and report concerns“, indicated the company in an internal note.

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