Discover the new Verisure Smart Protection range

Central alarm, shock and opening detector, smart cameras, motion detector, multifunction badge reader, SOS button and connected siren… Presentation of the new connected ecosystem of Verisure, the European leader in alarm with remote monitoring .

On November 9, Tanguy Toussaint and Cindy Poumerol presented the brand new Smart Protection range from Verisure. For those who missed this Twitch Live and wish to equip themselves with an effective, transparent and connected security solution, here are the new detection and prevention tools that enrich Verisure’s 24/7 protection system.

An outdoor detector that protects home accesses

The brand new outdoor connected detector benefits from high quality video, a 140° wide-angle sensor and night vision. In this way nothing escapes him, even during the night. Its high definition is an undeniable asset to control access or carry out an immediate removal of doubt when the situation requires it. And for the result to be optimal, the distances and detection zones are configurable, which allows you to specifically cover the gate or a driveway that runs along the back of the house.

The whole house is protected with the Verisure device.

The Arlo Essential camera to keep an eye on the outdoors

The camera Arlo Essential is a little gem of efficiency ! Not only it is autonomous with its charging by solar panel, which facilitates its installation, but it is also resistant to bad weather and it transmits alerts in real time with detection of the subject (car, animal, package, etc.). As for its integrated spotlight, it provides an additional deterrent against burglars.

The Verisure Arlo indoor smart camera guarantees detailed images thanks to its high definition sensor.

The Verisure Arlo indoor smart camera guarantees detailed images thanks to its high definition sensor.

© Verisure

A shock and opening detector with eight sensitivity levels

Knowing that one out of three burglaries takes place in the presence of the inhabitant, especially during the night, it is essential to control the various openings of the accommodation. This is why Verisure has developed a new vibration sensor even more sensitive allows you to anticipate any break-in attempts. Eight levels of sensitivity are offered to adapt to everyone’s lifestyles and thus not be falsely alerted by the dog who has rubbed against the door or the cat who is considering going out for the umpteenth time…

Motion detectors and connected cameras for the interior

The indoor Arlo smart camera works in conjunction with the mobile app Verisure, it provides an instant vision of the accommodation so you can take a reassuring look when you’re at work or on vacation.

The high-definition sensor (1080p) guarantees detailed images and its 130° wide-angle covers generously sized rooms such as the living room. The camera is also connected to the monitoring center who receives 20-second video sequences to help the teams during the removal of doubt. And to avoid feeling spied on when you’re at home, know that it has a protective cover Private life which activates and deactivates on demand.

Complementing the Arlo camera, the range includes a motion detector dedicated specifically to remote monitoring protection. It also benefits from a wide-angle, night vision and detection up to 12 meters.

Image of Verisure Motion Sensor

Verisure’s motion detector helps anticipate possible break-in attempts.

© Verisure

An alarm center with anti-jamming technology

It is the heart of the system, the alarm center connects all the detection devices to the remote monitoring centres. To avoid any problems, it is equipped with a faster connection, encryption and anti-jamming technology. What is best!

A multifunction badge reader to challenge intruders

Another essential element of the system Smart Protection, the multifunction badge reader. It combines three elements in one device:

  • The badge reader to activate or deactivate the alarm
  • The high-powered 100 decibel (dB) siren, the equivalent of a jackhammer
  • The intercom with free conversation like on the phone.

Photo of a mother with her child in front of the Verisure alarm

The full range of Verisure Smart Protection ensures permanent protection for the whole family

© Verisure

In addition to this, the multifunction badge reader allows configure different protection modes to secure, for example, a specific area such as the front of the house when you are at the back in the garden. It is also through this device that the remote surveillance teams have the possibility of verbally challenging an intruder.

A hands-free remote control completes the set to activate or deactivate the alarm system. It’s automatically detected when it’s in motion around the house, so you just have to clip it to your bunch of keys and you’ll be good to go. By the way, an SOS button is present for emergency situations.

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