Discord in Ivan and Andrey’s team! Irina Tencheva rode the broom,…

The eternal screen couple Ivan and Andrey managed to keep their friendship and business for so many years because there is a lot of humor between them

A new funny dispute started between producers Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov on their shared Instagram profile. The creators and presenters of “The Farm” are again slightly scolded, and this time it’s because of Ivan. He clearly has a hard time accepting the crushing loss of his beloved Real Madrid to arch-rivals Barcelona. On this occasion, Hristov released a video in which he angrily sings in his car the famous duet of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabaye, dedicated to the Catalan capital.

Ivan’s singing is more of a croak, and Andrey immediately decided to intervene on the subject. But not only him. “Mda…now let all the ladies imagine a 4-hour trip in one car with this talent,” Hristov’s wife Irina Tencheva wrote as a comment under the video. Former football player Vanja Jaferovic admitted that he is the same “tenor” when he sits behind the wheel. “If he and I get in the same car, the engine will explode,” he wrote as a comment.

Andrey Arnaudov quite maliciously wished his fellow producer to sing many more songs about cities whose teams were Real Madrid in the new year, writes vihrogon.bg. He publicly apologized to their fans, saying Ivan just didn’t know what he was doing. “He doesn’t understand how he ruins your week with his whining from the very beginning,” Andrey explained.

And on the occasion of Real Madrid, he quotes Kamen Donev and his winged line “fight does not destroy, it builds”. It is very likely that Ivan will not endure this insult to his favorite team and will have an answer to Andrei’s taunts.


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