Did Erdogan put a Russian flag for Rumen Radev?

Did Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan greet Bulgarian President Rumen Radev with a Russian flag?

This dispute flared up on social networks after a photo of the talks between the two delegations in Istanbul appeared on Erdogan’s Twitter account. On it, the green of the Bulgarian flag looks blue, just like the Russian flag.

“The green in the Bulgarian flag in the photo with Erdogan and Radev is turning slightly blue… I can’t believe that news comes out of this small-mindedness, that public indignation is born. And today the protest will take place with the heroic slogan “This is not Moscow! “. Yes, this is not Moscow and I don’t understand why you have the urge to shout it. Nor why are you hysterical that Radev removed Zahari Stoyanov from his presidency – that’s just not true,” wrote Ruzha Raicheva, the daughter of the famous sociologist, on Facebook Andrey Raichev and the journalist Viza Nedyalkova.

“It was no accident that Mr. Erdogan placed the Russian flag on the side of the Bulgarian delegation led by “President” Rumen Radev!!!”, wrote Tsvetan Apostolov on Facebook.

However, it is likely that this is an optical deception by the light, rather than a deliberate or inadvertent blunder on the part of Erdogan’s protocol. In other photos from the meeting, the Bulgarian flag behind Radev is in the traditional white, green, red.


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