Did Blagoi and his wife separate three months after their wedding

A day ago, a number of local media made their readers remember the saying that every good thing comes to an end, bringing to their attention the loud news that there was a serious break in the relationship between Blagoi Georgiev and his partner Polina, which led to their separation. However, as it later turned out, the statement in question has nothing to do with the truth, as the couple, who got married three months ago, are still together.

Yesterday, however, information appeared in many places trying to overshadow their family happiness, according to which the lovers did not live under the same roof for ten days. Most of the articles stated that relatives of the spouses, who preferred to remain anonymous to the press, confirmed that their marriage was over. According to them, the decision was Polina’s, who left their home and moved to live with her friend in Sofia, because things with Jesus did not go according to her expectations.

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Perhaps caught up in the plot of the sensational, if unreal, story, some of the sites went even further in it, rushing to convey that the fault for the short duration of their union was the fault of the ex-footballer, who recently took his oath of allegiance at the altar , unable to resist temptation. Thus, according to them, he cheated on his beloved, but he could not keep his betrayal a secret for long. However, he could not believe that his wife was capable of such a step and was ready to do anything to get her back.

But apparently none of that happened. After speculations that their romance had collapsed circulated in numerous publications, Polina personally refuted them. The brunette posted her photo as a 24-hour story on her Instagram account, accompanied by a playful message.

We are not divided! Give us some more timeshe wrote.

Photo: Official Instagram account

The hand of the former national team is also included in the frame, which in itself proves that the two are still inseparable.

In a recent interview, Georgiev spoke more about his love story with his now wife, which he revealed began at the gym where they actually met. According to him, they lived under the same roof in the first week of their relationship, but when the local media found out about their feelings, they had to go to Indonesia, moving away from the subsequent reaction. During their two-month stay there, it was his partner who took matters into her own hands, proposing to him, despite the concerns of her parents, who feared their daughter would turn out to be another athlete’s broken hearted fire.

Two months later, however, they still pass under the wreath in front of the eyes of their closest people. Blagoi stated that although he considers Polina the love of his life, neither he nor she is in a hurry to create offspring, as they want to get to know each other even better first, and for everything – time will tell, as he himself expressed .

Photo: Official Instagram profile

The former participant from “VIP Brother” also explained that he does not regret any of his previous relationships, adding that he only has good memories and warm feelings for each of them. However, he explained that this is not the case for his mother and father, who did not take kindly to his engagement to Zlatka Raykova, which became the cause of their strained relationship with their son. In the conversation, he did not want to reveal what exactly caused the destruction of their joint path, but only wished the playmate happiness. However, he admitted that the separation from his youngest heir, bearing his name, weighed on him, revealing that because of their strong relationship, the boy sent him away with tears in his eyes every time they met, which Georgiev considered to be the most painful ordeal he had been through passed soon.

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