Details surrounding the death of rapper Coolio have been revealed

World famous rapper Coolio went to the bathroom while visiting a friend’s home in Los Angeles and never came out. This is revealed by the publication TMZ, after it was reported a day earlier that the music star died suddenly at the age of 59, and the concert with Vanilla Ice in Texas turned out to be Coolio’s last.

The outlet reported that the rapper’s friend, as soon as he found him, called 911. Paramedics spent 45 minutes defibrillating him in an attempt to revive him. However, their efforts were in vain.

Law enforcement media sources say no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found at the scene of his death. An autopsy and toxicology test will determine the rapper’s official cause of death.

Not surprisingly, Coolio’s friends and fans are shocked — he was, at least apparently, in excellent health, TMZ reports.

A woman told the publication that shortly before the singer of “Gangsta’s Paradise” died, she managed to take a picture with him at the airport in Houston.

Mika tells TMZ that she ran up to him for a selfie, and he responded very smiling and friendly. The woman also claims that he invited her and her friends to the concert in Texas, exchanged numbers and texted each other. The rapper even included women on the VIP guest list.

Mika says that she was not able to go to the concert and is terribly sorry that it was her last chance to see him live.

Coolio is best known as the singer of the hit “Gangsta’s Paradise”, which became the soundtrack to the film “Dangerous Minds” (1995). The song made the artist a world star.

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