Details surrounding the brutal murder of a Bulgarian man’s husband were revealed by the police in Chicago

The remains of Frances Walker, the 69-year-old wife of a Bulgarian immigrant, were found in a freezer in her home on the north side of Chicago after her neighbor reported her missing on October 10, the New York Post reported.

36-year-old Sandra Colalu is accused of committing the murder of her landlady, and in a particularly cruel way.

Walker’s relatives said police had visited the home “numerous times” because of Colallow’s rampage.

The documents show law enforcement visited the building five times in October alone.

“I feel like our hands were tied or maybe there was something that could have been done differently. It changed my family’s life. It leaves a huge hole.”

A prosecutor at Kolalow’s hearing Wednesday said the two women had a contentious relationship that escalated the night of the murder.

Police have confirmed that Walker put an eviction notice on Kolallow’s door the day before the murder.

“It is possible that this escalated to the point where the defendant became extremely angry and committed this horrific act,” Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan admitted.

In addition to first-degree murder, Kolalow is charged with concealment of death and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She is being held without bond.

Walker’s family has started a Facebook fundraiser for her cremation and burial, which is due to take place on Saturday.

Frances Walker was married to a Bulgarian immigrant who worked as a caregiver for elderly patients.

One neighbor complained that people in the neighborhood haven’t felt the same way since the news broke.

“It’s really devastating, like it was hard for me to even get home last night. I stayed at my friend’s house. I felt safer with his parents,” he said.

Kolalu is expected to be in court on October 31.


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