Despodov: There is no point in commenting on the referee – Football World – Europa League

Ludogorets forward Kiril Despodov also refused to comment on the refereeing of the match with Roma. Razgrad lost 1:3 in Rome after two penalties and a disallowed goal for the “eagles” in the second half. The visitors also finished the match with a numerically reduced squad after Verdon’s red card.

“We started the game very well. The Roma team applied a lot of pressure at the beginning of the second half and with two penalties they managed to turn the score around. In general, we split one half each. I have not seen Ludogorets kick the ball. We always play with confidence. Even before we came here, I said that we would play against the Roma team. I think we were able to outplay them on many occasions, move the ball well and create chances. Unfortunately, however, they managed to score three goals against us. There is no point in commenting on the judge. We have to look at our game and what to improve. And to comment on the referee, we will not return the match, it makes no sense”, commented Despodov.

“The analysis must be done by the coach. He is the man in charge. We are on the ground doing what we are instructed to do. There is no point in commenting, I can only comment on my game”, said the forward, who appeared on the field in the second half.

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