Despite inflation and shortages, Sony has high hopes for its next VR headset

Sony is a big believer in VR. The Japanese company, which is preparing the release of its new VR headset for early 2023, seems to have big ambitions for its future gadget. According to information obtained by Bloombergthe firm plans to produce no less than 2 million copies of its headphones by next March.

To fully understand why this figure is surprising, you should know that the first PlayStation VR (PS VR) of the name took eight months to reach one million sales and that it took a full quarter for the extremely popular Meta Quest 2, to reach 2.8 million copies sold. The market is certainly growing, but it’s still a bet for Sony to run its factories at full speed. Especially since we still do not know the price of the helmet, that a good part of the world is hit hard by inflation and that the shortage of semiconductors continues to paralyze the industry.

A promising taste

Add to that the difficulties of supplying the PlayStation 5 (the only platform compatible with the PlayStation VR2), it is easy to understand why the bet is risky for Sony. Despite everything, the company remains confident, as do its shareholders, since the stock rose 2.4 points on Monday after the announcement. If the manufacturer manages to ease the pressure on its production lines by the first quarter of 2023, it could be that bundles containing a PS5 and a PS VR2 hit the market early next year, which would guarantee a good publicity stunt for the new helmet.

When we got started with the headset a few weeks ago, we have to admit that we were amazed by its technical capabilities and the immersion provided by certain titles (Horizon: Call of the Mountain on your mind). Sony seems to want to place its VR headset as a high-end alternative to the Meta Quest 2. The promise is interesting, the taste is puzzling, but for Sony to recoup its costs and for the headset to be a success, it will take that it finds its audience, and that may very much depend on its price.

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