Delonghi Magnifica vs Dinamica: Which Delonghi Affordable Coffee Maker Should You Choose?

When one wishes to acquire a first or a new coffee maker with grinder, Delonghi is often the first name that comes to mind given the plethoric catalog of the Italian manufacturer. But two of the five existing ranges in the catalog stand out for their very advantageous quality/price ratio: the Magnifica and Dinamica. The first occupies the entry-level segment while the second covets the mid-range. Each of these series has specificities that we wanted to list here to help you make the right choice.

Quite similar technical data sheets

Despite their price positioning, the two robot-shredders have relatively similar characteristics. Thus, the two ranges share:

  • a power of 1450 W
  • 15 bar pressure (except for Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95, 19 bar)
  • the same mill
  • the same thermoblock
  • the same infuser
  • two dispensing nozzles
  • 13 grind fineness settings
  • a 1.8 l water tank
  • a hatch for ground coffee

Compactness: Magnifica, Elegance: Dinamica

The design of a coffee maker is as much about its appearance as it is about its size. And if the Magnifica series is often more compact, the lines of its rival are sleeker. It is indeed higher, which gives it the impression of being thinner, but also deeper. In addition, if the Dinamica is adorned with a plastic coating in the same way as the Magnifica (we have nothing to complain about on this subject), it exhibits a little more aluminum parts (especially around the screen) , which gives it a certain elegance. But if there is one criterion that aesthetically differentiates these two robot-shredders, it is the presence of the on-board screen on the Dinamica range. The Dinamica’s display is surrounded by touch controls that make it easier to navigate through coffee maker recipes or settings.

More coffee (and milk) recipes on Dinamica

With its two or three coffee recipes (espresso, long coffee to which Doppio is added depending on the references), the Magnifica goes straight to the point and is intended for lovers of classic coffee. As for the Dinamica, it offers a larger catalog of recipes. It includes ristretto, espresso, filter coffee, long coffee, etc., but also more milk drinks on the more expensive references (latte machiatto, espresso machiatto, flat white, cappuccino, etc.). This is one of the specificities of the Dinamica series: the best endowed references are delivered with a milk carafe while the Magnifica series, with the exception of the Magnifica Evo FEB2961, is satisfied with a steam nozzle to froth the milk.

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Ultimately, while preparing a coffee with the Magnifica is more intuitive and therefore faster due to the simplicity of its touch control panel, it must be recognized that the Dinamica is more versatile. Its catalog of recipes is richer, the settings are more extensive (amount of water in cup, aroma intensity, recording of favorite recipes, temperature settings, etc.) and all the parameters can be saved in the profiles favourites.

The Dinamica, slightly faster and quieter

For those who really have no time to waste in the morning, our measurements in the lab confirm that the Dinamica series is faster in preparing the first coffee of the day than the Magnifica, which is not, however, outdone; the gap is played out to within 10 s. The sound level is a little more muffled on the Dinamica, but that is also a detail.

La Magnifica: best value for money

For years now, the Magnifica has insolently claimed the place of best value for money in our buying guide, followed very closely by the Dinamica. If the budget is tight and you want to stick to simple coffees, the Magnifica ticks all the boxes. But if the wallet allows it and if you want to vary the pleasures, the Dinamica remains an interesting choice.

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