Delonghi Magnifica Start: to start in the world of automatic coffee makers with grinder

As the annual GIFAM conference reminded us at the start of the year, the French have en masse equipped themselves with automatic coffee makers with grinders. Indeed, in 2021, this sector has experienced an insolent growth of 46% in terms of value. Today, no less than 1.5 million of our compatriots are equipped. And as often, who says democratization, says falling prices. While it was still difficult to find first-price models under the 500 € mark a few months ago, many manufacturers have rushed into the breach. And of course, Delonghi, the market specialist, could not pass the mark.

The Magnifica range is therefore enriched with a Start series, automatic coffee makers with grinder launched at less than 400 €. And you can even find the cheapest devices for “only” €370, a floor price that will make them profitable very quickly.

Certainly, the level of sophistication of the Magnifica Start devices has nothing to do with that of the PrimaDonna Elite Experience or Maestosa models from the same manufacturer. But we still find the main thing to make all kinds of coffees: a steel grinder, a removable infusion system (for extensive maintenance) and a pressure of 15 bars, essential to make an espresso worthy of the name flow. Delonghi has even thought of baristas (or those who would like to discover this art) by equipping its Magnifica Start with a steam nozzle to heat and froth the milk, an essential element of a cappuccino or a Latte Macchiatto.

The control panel on the front is based on a set of sensitive keys which allow you to choose your basic recipe: espresso, coffee, doppio (i.e. double espresso), americano, long coffee… You then select the intensity of the drink (three levels) before making one or two cups. Admittedly, amateurs may regret the absence of temperature settings or quantity of drink in direct access, but it’s a safe bet that these settings will be accessible with a few manipulations explained in the manual.

The Magnifica Starts feature a 1.8 liter water tank, perhaps a bit small for large consumers. The bean container (in which we find the wheel that allows you to adjust the fineness of the grind) can contain 250 g of coffee, and there is even a ground coffee hatch for decaf lovers.

The Magnifica Start is available in four versions whose differences, in addition to the colors, lie in the recipes offered: the FEB22.22.B (espresso, coffee, americano) the FEB22.21.B (espresso, coffee, doppio), the FEB22.30.SB (espresso, coffee, long, americano) and the FEB22.31.SB (espresso, coffee, long, doppio). It should be noted that the models with four recipes are more expensive, since their price reaches 400 €.

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