‘Defamed and harassed’ Amber Heard settles with Johnny Depp for more manageable compensation

After the legal troubles and the endless Internet gloating, the actress Amber Heard announced that the drama with the salty compensation that she had to pay Johnny Depp is also over.

Lawyers for the two actors have agreed to a dramatic reduction in the $10 million Heard was ordered to pay her ex-husband, and in exchange the actress’ team agreed to stop re-filing her defamation lawsuit.

Instead of the prohibitive 10 million dollars for the actress, Heard will pay Johnny Depp only 1 million, and representatives of the actor added that the money will be donated to charity.

“After much deliberation, I made the difficult decision to settle with my ex-husband. It is important for me to say that I did not want this process. I was standing up for my truth and in doing so, the life I knew was destroyed. The vilification I faced on social media, showed what many women go through when they talk about domestic violence,” shared Amber Heard on her Instagram account.

In addition, the actress’ lawyers commented that she went through “unprecedented psychological and emotional harassment after the end of the case, which she wants to end”.

Depp’s attorneys also said the settlement was beneficial to them, even though the final compensation amount was significantly less than what the jury in Fairfax, Virginia awarded.

“We view the final settlement as a victory. We are pleased to have closed this unpleasant chapter in Mr. Depp’s life. In the process, he was able to clear his name and find the strength to move forward,” the actor’s representatives said in a statement to Variety. .

Amber Heard herself emphasizes that the signed consent does not refute what she said on the bench. The actress continues to stand firmly behind her testimony that she was a victim of domestic violence and systematic harassment by her ex-husband.

“I finally have the opportunity to emancipate myself from this story and put those 6 years behind me on terms I can agree with. We did not agree to remain silent. This is not an act of concession. There are no strings attached, no strings attached. who do not respect my voice”, the actress is also categorical on Instagram.

In her extensive post to her followers, the “Aquaman” star also explained that she considered the risks she would have to take in a possible appeal against the sentence in Fairfax, and decided that the pain was not worth it.

“I made this decision because I lost faith in the American justice system that let my unprotected confessions feed social media. I just can’t go through the same thing a third time. I can’t afford it financially, psychologically and emotionally,” he said. Heard.

In the context of the two cases – in London and Fairfax, which called on the actress to testify as a victim of alleged domestic violence and sexual harassment, Amber Heard said that the British court ruled more fairly, although in essence the case was almost identical.

In London, Johnny Depp’s legal team filed a lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun, which described the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor as a “woman beater.”

The collection of evidence also included the testimony of his ex-wife, who presented photos of bruises she claimed were the result of Johnny Depp beating her.

After the hearing, a British court dismissed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s claim for damages on the grounds that the material presented resonated with The Sun’s chosen headline.

Before the court in the USA, however, Depp’s lawyers changed their tactics and instead of going to the newspaper, which has become a haven for Amber Heard’s stories, they started prosecution against the actress.

Depp’s defense filed a $50 million lawsuit over an Amber Heard essay published in The Washington Post. In her text, the actress shared that during her marriage she experienced various types of abuse.

And although Johnny Depp’s name was not mentioned anywhere in the article, his lawyers were adamant that the insinuations had dealt a heavy blow to the star’s career, costing him roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

The actor testified for three days in the case against his ex-wife Amber Heard

At the height of the case, the unmasking of Depp and Heard’s family life was in full force, with phone recordings being played, paparazzi photos shown and people who were not direct witnesses to the alleged abuse heard. In other words, the American court admitted evidence that their British counterparts denounced for its potential manipulative value.

The development of the trial did not get rosier for Amber Heard, as the court hearing was broadcast live and predisposed millions of people to mock the actress.

“Women survivors of domestic violence should not have to face further abuse and possible bankruptcy because they decided to come forward and tell the truth. I want to thank everyone who stood in solidarity with my story and supported me in the months since the trial . Any woman who’s ever been in my shoes knows what a relief it is to talk about what happened. I can’t put into words the amount of hope you’ve given me. Not just to me, but to all other women,” she added Heard.


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