Decathlon offers a new electric bike cut for everyday life with the LD 500E

It had been a while since Decathlon had really offered anything new in its range of urban VAE. Admittedly, the Elops 920E Connect brought a bit of freshness to the brand’s electric bikes, but that was still shy. With the LD 500E, Decathlon arrives with a more successful proposal and above all a worked design which now integrates the battery into the frame. A very fashionable approach to the electric bike, which is seeing hybrid models with light electrification flourish.

At first glance, the electric assistance of the LD 500E is not obvious. The more knowledgeable will probably spot a thicker downtube, which accommodates a 504 Wh battery. “LD” standing here for “Long distance”, Decathlon indeed promises an autonomy ranging from 60 to 120 km depending on the mode of assistance chosen. Given the potential ability of this VAE to easily roll beyond its electric assistance, this seems interesting. Above all, the battery remains removable from the frame to be charged separately. A feature frequently overlooked by hybrid e-bikes.

The motor is housed in the hub of the rear wheel. A frequent choice for this type of hybrid e-bike. Here, the motor displays 250 W of nominal power and a torque of 45 Nm. A value which may seem limited in the face of the large torques of crank motors, but which is generally suitable for urban use.

Especially since, in line with its muscular version, the LD 500E is designed to offer good rolling sensations. A torque sensor placed in the crankset provides assistance proportional to the pressure exerted on the pedals. What theoretically avoid the “all or nothing” effect of many rear engines. The aluminum frame offers a rather dynamic driving position. Dynamism which will undoubtedly be more limited by the eight-speed transmission (11-42 cassette, 36-tooth crankset) and the B’twin by Microshift derailleur.

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The LD 500E still displays a weight of 23 kg on the scale, with its battery. It therefore remains heavier than a model like the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ (19 kg), but lighter than the Elops 920E (25.4 kg). Always in a spirit of dynamism, Decathlon opts for tires 28 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches wide. It would therefore be better not to rely too much on the air contained in the rubbers to compensate for the absence of suspension. Asphalt will be a much more suitable playground for the LD 500E than paths or cobblestones.

For braking, Tektro worked with Decathlon for this LD 500E. Hydraulic disc brakes are offered here, with 180mm and 160mm discs in the rear. What deliver on paper quality braking, powerful and progressive. The lighting is designed for urban use with a front light that only reaches 30 lux. A value that allows you to be seen, but not to illuminate effectively in front of you without additional lighting.

The Decathlon Elops LD 500E is available in two frame versions. The first is closed and available in three sizes (M: 1.65 m to 1.74 m, L: 1.75 m to 1.84 m and XL: 1.85 m to 1.95 m). The second lowers the top tube to be easier to step over, without sacrificing the rigidity necessary for the desired dynamism. This model is intended for smaller sizes and is available in two sizes (S: 1.55 m to 1.64 m or M: 1.65 m to 1.74 m). All versions are equipped with mudguards, kickstand and luggage rack. On the other hand, the chain is not hidden by a casing, it will be necessary to pay attention to his pants.

Decathlon already offers the Elops LD 500E for sale on its website and in its stores. As often with the French brand, the price is an asset since the VAE is offered at 1649 €. A price at which there are relatively few serious competitors in a light electric bike segment.

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