Decathlon B’Twin Elops Chaine 900 test: an effective and practical lock

The chain is generally chosen as a bicycle lock for two reasons: its resistance and its flexibility. On the other hand, this type of lock is often rather heavy. The steel links of the Elops 900 weigh a total of 1.75 kg. A weight that does not go unnoticed in a bag. However, it can easily be stored for transport. It is even possible to wrap it around one of the frame tubes so you don’t have to carry it.

The Elops Chaine 900 lock benefits from serious finishes. The fabric that coats the chain is solid and effectively protects the bike from possible scratches on the frame and other sensitive parts. The link that makes the link with the lock case is held in place by a piece of rubber.

The installation is very simple and practical. The chain has a maximum internal length of 35 cm; enough to consider calmly attaching the frame and front wheel to a fixed point. You can also attach 2 bikes together quite easily. This is the real advantage of chains against U-locks.

The lock on the Elops 900 is pretty basic. It does not present any particular resistance to the insertion of the key, which is a good thing. Nevertheless, in the absence of a protective cover, the correct operation of the lock could be hampered by the intrusion of water and dust over time.
Decathlon provides 3 keys with its lock.

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