Decathlon Btwin Bol 500 test: a bicycle helmet for the whole year

Design & Ergonomics

The bowl format is both sober and well covering, for use adapted to the city. Fans of fantasy can opt for one of the twelve colors offered by Decathlon. A colorful helmet is also a good way to be even more visible during the day.

As often, the helmet consists of an outer shell and an inner polystyrene protection. These two parts are not molded together. A very slight gap is even visible in some places; Pay attention to the accumulation of dirt. In good luck, the Btwin 500 is quite bulky and still displays 458 g, which is quite heavy for a helmet.

Very enveloping, it goes down quite low around the ears. So much so that depending on your morphology, the thickness of the temples of glasses could be a problem. Despite its 12 openings, the Decathlon helmet leaves the skull very little to breathe; this handicap in case of heat becomes an advantage in winter. The small size of the openings makes it rather protective against light rain.

Inside, rather thin foams are attached to the polystyrene. Their comfort is correct, nothing more, and will be suitable for journeys of less than 30 min. Their support is however not perfect and the foams can slip when the helmet is removed. Good point, the helmet has a visor that limits the effects of sun and rain. Too bad, however, that this visor is linked to the inner foam and cannot be removed if desired.

The occipital tightening, at the back of the skull, is done thanks to a very easy to use knob. Once correctly tightened, the Btwin Bol 500 holds perfectly in place. A slot allows you to pull out a ponytail without difficulty at the back, above the tightening wheel.

The chin strap is attached using a good old buckle, once again simple and effective. Too bad Decathlon does not offer protection to soften the contact between the chin and the throat with this buckle.

The little extra of the Decathlon Bol 500 is a pair of earmuffs that attach to the chin straps and can be removed very quickly. We can completely consider slipping them into a bag to take them out if necessary. These pads are comfortable and provide good coverage. They are pierced with small holes that allow ambient noise to be heard.

The Btwin Bol 500 is equipped with a small attachment that allows you to attach LED lighting sold by Decathlon as an option for around ten euros.

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