Dear angry man: The weather is special, it’s like it’s ’89 again


I’m extremely nervous. Because I was on vacation. Because of her, I couldn’t follow the socio-political processes for a whole week, and instead I was forced to relax.

Now I feel confused. I don’t know who ends up holding hands with whom in the Council of Ministers, for whose gas I give my civic energy and from what time to what time a mask is worn.

Not to mention that I failed to make a joke about the new Prime Minister’s name; the moment has flown by, and he has already waxed and gnashed on the changed.

It will have to be cleaned again after “Gazprom” throws crumbs again. And to top it off, in all this turmoil, I don’t even know who the new Bachelor is. I heard that the caretaker government will also replace him. Radev took it that he ruined everything that the quadruple coalition failed to do.

Including herself. No one knows how to run this country, and they expect me to tirelessly elect the incompetent to the top. I’m terribly disappointed, remind me next time not to vote for the lesser evil that when he gets my support and immediately grows up.


I look in the mirror. From sitting in the sun, I looked like Ivan Kostov – pleasantly dark, but without having made an energetic connection with Greece.

By the way, there are no Russians at sea this year, but Russian speech is still heard. I know it comes from the right side and shouldn’t fill me with distrust, but what can I do when I’m so suspicious of any cousins.

It’s far easier to follow geopolitics on Facebook than to ride the same bus with it. Especially with these variable local measures. RZI has been so concerned about us recently that it will even make “Vazrazhdane” the first political force to be overdone.

Leave some of that energy for October too, folks. We’ll be inside all winter. We will wear not only masks, but also coats indoors. I read in the meantime that Kostadinov was going to hold a referendum on LIDL and chase NATO.

Or maybe it was the other way around, I told you I was a bit behind on the news. I like that at least he is working for unity with his rhetoric. Especially to GERB and the rest of the Euro-Atlanticists.


It’s not enough that we ruined our summer with quarrels, but we’re doing everything necessary to screw up Maria Bakalova’s as well. They put her at the head of the committee for the native Oscar proposal and now she will not only be forced to evaluate Bulgarian films, but also probably watch them. Success!

But what’s to be done, since we’re also pushing for Hollywood, girl; help with casting. Is our accent local enough, given that the fight started with the opening credits?

I’m angry that no one thinks to film these dramas. There is no more Bulgarian film than this one. But let us send, I shout, not one work, but all together. Let’s quickly assemble them into something common and call it “patriotic coalition”.

Like that of VMRO, NFSB and COD. Not that anyone across the Ocean really cares about applicants here as long as they meet the formal requirements. I don’t see why Viktor Bozhinov and Stefan Yanev are so eager to participate in the common cause.


The song “Mizhav Interest” turned out to be weak. Kitchka does not have to fight back with a composition in the pop battle. Otherwise, today is Panayot Panayotov’s concert at Kino Cabana. The urban right became his fans not only for a joke, but also out of compassion.

A bit like what happened with Kiril Petkov. He, the man, cannot even explain whose gas we will use at the molecular level. I, on the other hand, am a little shocked that we measure the purchased quantity in molecules.

I thought we had bargained for something bigger. But these days everyone is modest, including in their property declarations. Slavi is so offended by the attitude that for another year he does not declare ownership.

Probably so we don’t wonder if it’s his or the mafia’s. Like with his party. All our politicians are so poor according to themselves; no wonder they want to stay in power. Otherwise, you will have to really do something to work.


When did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married, when did they decide to stay apart? But that’s news. They needed their own space, they say. They remind me a bit of PP and DB. They love each other, it’s not that they don’t love each other, but they prefer not to be together now to be interesting later.

I approve of such a vision for the future, there is a lot of optimism in it. I never understood, since Radev is the architect of the Change, aren’t there still some of his people inside? Or they too, especially those from ITN, receive catharsis in time and find their way.

Then others are called “soft wrists”. Speaking of which, if anyone really has soft wrists, it’s Niki Mihailov. I watched him last night, what he was doing at the gate of “Levski”. A shame.

And it protects just as much as the masks – it is reported that it works, but its placement is more of a political decision, without much effect.


Soros had a birthday today. Da iladi, as they say. Not only in financial terms, like those from the Russian embassy, ​​which have four iladates for support. Alas, this benefactor did not happen to subcontractors in our country.

They cannot organize a spontaneous protest like the people who sit and wait for the values ​​of the common people to impose. If I were in his place, I would bet on something safer than the artistic and creative intelligentsia of the capital.

I would invest directly in GERB; they know how, if not to act more, then at least to absorb funds in a better way. See how they were the first to register for the election.

But this time the Change will be with proper documents. It is not necessary to ally with whoever came for one registration, as was the case last time. They are now very careful with whom they communicate. They boast that they have collected 5000 votes in two days.

I’m guessing mainly from DB supporters. But let’s not focus so much on the molecular structure of this flow.


I understood why I was so nervous and confused. It’s not because of my vacation. It’s because of the weather. I don’t mean that giant full moon that kept me up last night. In general, the weather is special, don’t you think?

It’s like we’re the 89th again. Some kind of perestroika is going on in our country at the top, we are hoping for fair elections and we are waiting for the Soviet Union to finally fail. At the same time, Kissinger gives wisdom, Tom Cruise flies in the sky in fighter jets, Panayot Panayotov is popular again, and Salman Rushdie has an active fatwa.

We are in a vicious cycle. If we also introduce a current mode, I will feel like I was in my youth. Except then the ecological disaster was due to the ozone hole, and now it is due to our carbon footprint.

But on the other hand, these climate changes are my main hope for a warm winter. I have a feeling that only global warming is capable of fully solving our energy problems.


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