Dear angry man: I don’t know about a semi-presidential republic, but we are completely ready for a semi-samurai one

Sunday. Television has become such a bore in the summer that I can’t wait for Georgi Ljubenov to return to the air and start inviting guests who make me nervous. On Sunday mornings this is my hobby. I keep track of who is trying to brainwash me from the screen until I stop staring. Don’t worry, mine is not washable. Moreover, long before the troubles with the gas. Who would have thought that we would experience a new Cold War between Moscow and the West. This one even turned out to be even colder than the previous one; especially in winter.

Their language about the Perestroika of the Russians, I tell you. I had so many hopes that after her they would no longer bother us with themselves. Out of the entire former USSR, only Ukraine came out decent. And Azerbaijan somewhat, if they call bearable prices for delivery. Let’s hope their president spends the proceeds wisely and doesn’t go to fund vein operations and a dictatorial regime.

Monday. I fear that the new TV season will not be like the political season again. Duplicated programs full of the same faces but in different places in the preferences. I have a feeling that if Rachkov doesn’t lead anything, I will take it more seriously than the absence of Lena in the lists. Still, in our country the Show has been going on longer than the Change. Here, Kostadinov, I see, has entered a musical format. He rides in a car and sings: “Where is my son Kooooostadin, Kostadiiiin”. Here it is, mom, participating in some patriotic Carpool Karaoke to win the audience vote.

Kiril Petkov also pleases the audience as much as he can, but in Dancing Stars. Latin dancing in the street. It is flexible like the price of LPG. We don’t know who his partner is, but I assume she’s from DB. She looked so happy even being alone. There can only be a new dance if they both advance to the next round.

Tuesday. I don’t really care about party numbers anymore. I’m talking about their arrangement in the draw, not in principle. Tomorrow they will be towed. Wouldn’t it be fun for a person to come up with a favorite number and which formation fell with it – to vote for it? Just check your luck beforehand, not afterwards. Again, the results will be more or less random, but at least the numerological omens in them will be truly magical.

Now my Facebook profile pictures have more number combinations on them than a sportsbook slip. But it is an invariable part of the democratic process. Don’t lose heart, a new edition is coming. With new prizes for participants. And new messages to the audience. How sick of everyone behaving like a beauty pageant. They pose for a photo and recite their motto. No need to wise them up so much, just say you are fighting for PEACE. And specify exactly which one is yours.

Wednesday. Gorbachev is dead. Rest in peace. The only chairman of the Central Committee of the CPSU whom I respect. I will remember him for doing a great ad for the Soviet Union to Westerners and another one for Louis Vuitton a little later. Rudy from Change also has such a bag; he took a selfie in an elevator to show how it goes up. Gorby was famous, thanks to him the Iron Curtain fell. Then the more cunning ones privatized its scrap metal and made a lot of money, while the more naive ones are still waiting for the show to start.

On this occasion, I remembered what a hit Scorpions took over the scene back in the day. Wind of Change, remember it? Now to get to Moscow and Gorky Park, which are mentioned in the piece, you already need a visa. Not that anyone rushed to travel there for the one that blows. But, well, that Wind of Change thing came out, too. Along with climate change, we will have to wait at least another 70 years for the next Perestroika.

Thursday. No one is able to sing the adversities of parliamentary life like Hazarta. This time not in a song, but in a short story. It’s been a terrible time, I tell you, it’s a nightmare. In the plenary hall, everyone was just nagging each other, only Mladen Marinov didn’t care about anything. He was even friendly and gave wise advice of a general nature. I am so glad that a dialogue between Change and GERB is still possible. I had decided that Hazarta had brought them all down because of that story in Samokov. However, the twist in the plot is elsewhere.

He suddenly started a prosaic battle with Toshko Yordanov, as befits true showmen in parliamentarism. They said what they said to each other, then went their separate ways. Basically this is it. An open finish. If I may sum it up: it is very unpleasant in the Parliament. live to pity Itso that he will run for office again.

Friday. Slavi has a new idea. A very creative statesman came out, I had such suspicions even when he was telling jokes back in the day at the end of the Show. It is again about a referendum, but this time the sovereign from Facebook will ask him whatever he wants, not the other way around. The bad thing is that detractors immediately appeared with nasty questions. And that’s not the idea of ​​the show. What happened to his property declaration; why was the majoritarian system delayed; where is Pazzo Snorkel?

Aman from irrelevant topic. The most important thing, in my opinion, is “Is there still such a people”? Or there are no people, as Krasi Radkov shouts in the election clip. As old as the joke is, there is a lot of political thought in it. The number of deputies may not have decreased as planned, but the number of samurai has apparently decreased. I don’t know about a semi-presidential republic, but we are completely ready for a semi-samurai republic.

Saturday. I dropped Panorama last night. Pity; I would have loved it. The guests have been amazing. It is no coincidence that as a child I shouted “Panorama” to this show. But whatever – whatever. Let’s look ahead with optimism. Here, Boyko Borisov vowed that he would not take part in any more elections if he failed to stop the chaos in this one as well. They ruined the man’s nerves, except for the meniscus. Oh, how much weight he has lost, while others are cramming themselves with crystal pizza. He is right to be angry.

What GERB built, these new ones not only can’t paint it, but they can’t even investigate it like people do. They are so bad. Since the Change, of course, they don’t think so. They insist that they have done a lot of good work, they just need to finish it. It’s so much more innovative in attitude than the retro rant that it’s nice, but it’s not done.


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