Dear angry man: Elon Musk has completely started behaving like a Macedonian


You know what worries me the most about Gazprom? Not so much the “gas” element, but the “prom” additive. I don’t understand if it comes from “industry” or from “promotion”. I suspect it’s the latter. Therefore the prices vary while the gas is the same. Safe from trade tricks!

I’m anxiously waiting for them to let go of the liquefied so I can take a quick shower. Although, as a true resident of the capital, I am used to watering myself with cold water in the summer. Finally, my political commitment will coincide with prevention. But fate! All my life I have mocked the commoner for not bathing. And I imperceptibly ended up in the Coalition of the Unbathed.

Radev flattered the Russians, and we, who are traditionally clean in body and spirit, only now discovered the warm water. If I had known that for years Putin had been heating it up for us, I wouldn’t have washed my hands when Mutafchiisky ordered us not to fill the hospitals.

Now we mainly protect urban transport from being overcrowded with the measures. But here is another problem: should I obey, I don’t know, the new Minister of Health, since I have removed my trust from this office?


I was convinced that PP were people of the urban right, and they themselves said that they professed rather left-wing ideas. I am talking about the party, not the progressive elite of the capital.

Asen Vassilev gave a great interview to BNR. He was asked if he sees a partner with the BSP, and he replied: “Yes, and no.” Almost like with DB. At last, a balancer in domestic politics that is not Dogan.

I am not surprised by this principle, however. In our country, most management moves are like a Schrödinger experiment. Moreover, gas is also included in the condition. Go find out later if the project from the box moves or if the work has died and a new one must be sought.

However, I read that it didn’t really matter to the voters. They were already fluid, there were no permanent hard electorates. Our system has become trans-party, do you remember? Like Emily with the scooter, that’s how I imagine her. It’s not clear how exactly to define her, but that doesn’t stop her from being in a hell of a hurry somewhere.


Elon Musk was going to buy Manchester United. That person should always behave like a Macedonian. He wants everything to be his. It’s good that he has money, at least he’s paying the price. The poor Macedonians are tighter, they look like us. They want, but they don’t give.

But there is progress there too. They finally had the heart to change this and that in their textbooks, so generous have they become. They would bring back some key historical figures.

Let’s hope it’s about Vasco the Frog. As it is said in our folk song: “We will not quarrel, we will not fight, in the evening when we go to bed, we will ride bicycles”. We will cycle, that is, while we dream; That’s how I understand our relationship.

I am also convinced that Vasco the Frog has his place in big politics. Hopefully some party will include him in their lists. Not to mention that he would be a much more successful prime minister than Donev Galaba, for example.


I learned great news. A Bulgarian would warm up Usyk – Joshua 2. Traicho Boxer from Lyulin. His name sounds more like a businessman with the interests of Captain Andreevo, not an athlete. But let’s not be so picky about our sources of national pride.

He was going to fight a billionaire’s son – a debutant and YouTuber. I have never seen more random candidates for the trust of the viewers. Who did the casting for this match – Toshko Yordanov?

Anyway, the real battle is still provided to us by ITN. We watch it for free on Facebook. Slavi vs. Rudy. They each wrote a post-dissertation on which of them was the ugliest person. I don’t trust both of them at first, but I accept that they are telling the truth this time.

Radostin, by the way, is now officially a man of Change. Many should keep it to themselves, that such valuable and moral personnel easily move to other groups.


Have you ever considered that we have the expression “to get off the beaten path” but not “to climb the beaten path”. And it is so much richer in meaning. Here, today Stefan Yanev has been talking about some things, and he also knows that public speaking is not his strength since the beginning of the special war.

The mother of all problems, he says, was the demographic crisis. It turns out that only she gave birth according to plan, the others – not enough. But this would be overcome if we produced better quality MPs. Like his, probably. Where did he get seedlings – I have no idea. BOC, BAS and the trade unions would be responsible for the parliamentary BDS.

She likes the idea, but I don’t know if the Church will fold and at what prices. They do not bless anything without the corresponding fee. Muftiship is perhaps larger. But the MPs from this denomination are usually standardized by Peevski himself, he does not need other boards.


The new Acting Minister of Defense is not idle either. He issued an order prohibiting the military from drinking and using drugs during working hours. I don’t know what provoked him, maybe he doesn’t find the ideas of a gene particularly sober. Yanev.

Those who did not serve make fun of the order, but they do not know that it is difficult to find meaning in the Bulgarian army if you do not drink. And this goes back to before we joined NATO, I’m afraid. Bullets are our most powerful defense against any threat.

However, the man is right, it should not be like this anymore. The army is very scattered. I remember that the personnel in my division was only poured during non-working hours.

Hopefully the interior minister will follow the example of his colleague and ban alcohol and drugs in the Ministry of Interior. As long as it doesn’t stop some operatives going undercover as dealers.


Sports, they say, is politics. Of course, the opposite is also true. That’s why so many people do it on an Olympic basis or for health. But I had another thought. Here, Usyk tonight will fight on behalf of all of Ukraine, and Joshua will only protect his own financial interests.

An unequal battle; I hope democracy wins. It doesn’t happen often in Saudi Arabia. More impressively, our boy in the ring shined. It would be unexpected for everyone, especially for the organizers. Now the billionaire son will go back to creating YouTube content with a heavy heart, and Traicho will happily go home to Lyulin.

In the absence of anything else to keep warm, warm-up matches also work as energy sources. I would have been even more proud, of course, if Traicho had suddenly negotiated some cheap gas from the Saudis. But big politics is still waiting for him. I do not believe that neither the BAS, nor the Church, nor even the Ministry of the Interior will deny him certification.


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