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The former midfielder of Levski and Beroe – Davide Mariani, gave a special interview for before the match between the two teams. The Swiss maestro said that at the moment he is not following the Bulgarian championship, but only the results of the two teams.

The midfielder shared that he gave up a bonus of 250,000 BGN, which was due to him, in favor of the “blues”. The people of Sofia sold Mariani to Shabab al-Ahli Dubai for nearly BGN 3 million.

“I am fine. I am currently at home in Dubai. To be honest, I don’t follow the Bulgarian championship that much now. Sometimes I see the results of Levski and Beroe, but I don’t follow the two teams that seriously”, the midfielder began.

“Was there an option for me to stay in Beroe? We never commented on it because the financial situation in the club was not good. We didn’t talk about renewing the contract because I guess they didn’t know exactly what they could offer me. I know that Beroe continues to have problems and Petar Hubchev left. He has his reasons for leaving, but I don’t think it’s because of Beroe’s financial problems. He came to the club knowing about them. Beroe should be grateful to Hubchev for what he did for them. Last season we played a final match for participation in the Conference League, and this is a serious achievement, considering the situation in the club”.

“My expectations for the upcoming match between Levski and Beroe are that there will be no injured players after its end. May the better team win”.

“Levski’s victory over CSKA is really important for the club. I’m happy for the fans. When they are happy I am happy. I have only good memories of Levski fans. They still love me and I love them. They write to me on social networks, which is really wonderful. I didn’t watch the match with CSKA, and I don’t think I will watch a match from the Bulgarian championship again,” Mariani admitted.

“I can’t say whether Levski approached Ludogorets, but it was like that last season. If this is still the case, I will be very happy indeed. I hope the financial situation in Levski will improve. I believe it will be so and the team will become champions again. I wish the best to the club and I believe that it can achieve it already this season with Stanimir Stoilov”.

“I left a lot of friends at the club. Many of the players I played with in Levski have left, but there are still people I love in the club. And they love me too. I always talk about the fans, but I’ve never felt such love and support like theirs in my life. I think I gave a lot to the club, to the fans. I think I had a good performance on the field. Besides, they sold me for BGN 3 million. That’s a pretty serious gain. I hope people don’t forget that. I hope they don’t forget that I refused to receive a bonus of BGN 250,000 that was due to me. I left this money in Levski. In football, people sometimes forget these things. Levski will always have it, regardless of which people work in it. I did this for Levski. Some people would never do something like that for the club, but I did. This will always be remembered. The fans know it. They are grateful and that is the most important thing to me. They will remember me forever, as I will remember them. Levski remains forever in my heart. The fans of the team – too”, concluded Mariani.

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