CSKA sent two Bulgarians to Beroe

CSKA transferred two of its players to Beroe’s team. It is about striker Kaloyan Krastev and winger Mitko Mitkov, who is still recovering from an injury and the expectations are that he will be fully ready to play within a month. The news was announced by the club, as dsport already reported on it in June.

The term of the lease is until the end of the autumn half-season, and the financial parameters of the contract remain confidential.

The head coach of “Zaralii” Petar Hubchev has assured that he will give the players a chance to develop their potential by playing regularly in the team’s matches, both for the First League and the Bulgarian Cup. This would help them gain the necessary game experience and return even stronger to CSKA in the spring half-season.

“We wish them health, luck and success!” the club wrote.

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