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CSKA fans are collecting money to help the legendary Dimitar Penev financially, they revealed to “Mach Telegraf” from Sector G. For several months, supporters have been collecting money to give at the end of the month to Penata. “Red” fans do not want publicity for this noble deed and have not harnessed everyone to this cause. Money is given by a narrow circle of supporters who are well known and respected by everyone in the Boris garden. Their desire is for the legendary defender and coach to feel good. The “Army” revealed that they give a minimum of 2,000 per month to Penata.

Otherwise, the management of CSKA stopped paying a salary to Dimitar Penev, who was the honorary president of the club since the legend tried a breakthrough in politics with the party of Veselin Mareshki. This happened at the beginning of March 2021. Then Dimitar Penev shared that he had deliberately avoided politics until now. Firstly, because he was completely devoted to sports and secondly – ​​he did not recognize like-minded people in politics. However, he has now decided to support the cause of Veselin Mareshki. In the end, Penata did not become an MP, and separately he also lost his monthly bonuses from CSKA.

To date, it is not known whether Dimitar Penev still has any official position in the “Army”. It is interesting to note that the official site of the “Reds” is now devoid of the sections of players and management, which makes it unique in this indicator probably on a global scale.

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