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The management of CSKA 1948 issued an official statement regarding the excesses during the derby against CSKA, which ended with a score of 1:2.

During the match, the delegation of CSKA 1948 was pelted with various objects, as well as quite obscene expressions in the direction of Lyuboslav Penev and Stoycho Mladenov.

The “Reds” strongly condemn such performances, pointing out that they are a sign of “degradation of the values ​​of the Army”.

At the end of the text, there is a call to fight provocations and the desecration of the history of CSKA.

“We publish a statement from the management of CSKA 1948:

Dear Soldiers,

In recent days, we have witnessed the creation of tension among CSKA fans.

The attempts to direct a conflict between the “red” supporters and the legends of CSKA are obvious. The climax of this play was staged on Monday night at the Bulgarian Army Stadium.

The fight should have been fought on the field, not in the stands in a way that was embarrassing for the “red” fans.

There is no need to comment on whether it is normal in a European stadium for the visiting team’s delegation to be fired upon by a group of well-prepared “fans”, but we cannot leave aside another:

The attitude of this part of the public towards the legends of CSKA shows an extreme degradation of the values ​​of the Army. Or a targeted plan to erase the team’s history.

Because the history of CSKA is the people who achieved legendary victories and filled this same stadium to the limit.

Who are the fans who raise their hands against the names that glorified the beloved team and brought us so much joy? Who are those who jump against the people who put the “armies” on the map of the football world and turned CSKA into a religion?

We call together to say NO to the provocations in which they try to involve the “red” community, inciting aggression against the heroes of CSKA.

Let the battles be on the field, where the teams show high football qualities and sportsmanship.

This is CSKA’s philosophy. And may it always be so.

The other is a characteristic of other teams and their low balls and tactics.”

From management

source: CSKA 1948

Declaration CSKA 1948

source: CSKA 1948

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