Crosscall Core-Z5: the all-terrain pro smartphone goes 5G

Crosscall, a French manufacturer known for its smartphones and tablets resistant to extreme conditions, announces the imminent release of the Core-Z5, its first smartphone compatible with 5G and wifi 6/6E allowing you to take advantage of optimal connection speeds. An evolution that the brand is keen to mark with a white stone by providing the device with a 5-year warranty.

Robustness at the rendezvous

The manufacturer offers here its most durable model, which meets the military standard MIL-STD-810H. Waterproof, the smartphone can also withstand temperatures ranging from -25° to 60° but also withstand drops of 2 meters. The smartphone is AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified and meets the security and update requirements associated with this certification.

The Crosscall Core-Z5

Even if it were to be damaged, the parts of the smartphone could easily be replaced since it has, among other things, a repairability index of 9.1/10, which ensures good longevity. The smartphone offers a 6.08” HD screen with Glove Touch technology, which allows it to be used even with gloves.

The brand has chosen to integrate a Qualcomm QCM6490 processor compatible with 5G. It includes a 4,950 mAh battery that gives it 44 hours of talk time and offers fast charging capable of reaching half full in 42 minutes.

Crosscall guarantees 800 charging cycles for the device. The user can also use it as a power source to charge another phone or device. On the photo side, it carries with it a 48 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 4K.

A versatile product for the pros

This Core-Z5 includes Push-to-Talk functionality, which allows it to act as a walkie-talkie when needed and has four programmable buttons. It also offers a computer-like interface when connected to a display.

Connected to a screen, the Core-Z5 can act as a workstation

Its GPS would have an accuracy of 3 meters, where other smartphones revolve around 10 meters. It is also 4G and 5G PMR (Private Mobile Radio) compatible, which allows access to private or public networks with secure data and communications in all circumstances.

The Core-Z5 is also compatible with band 68 (700 MHz) which is owned by state agencies and is dedicated to public safety.
In France, this frequency band belongs to the Ministry of the Interior and is used by law enforcement as a private and secure means of communication during interventions. Police forces which are all equipped with the brand’s devices.

The Core-Z5 will be available on November 7 on the brand’s website for Crosscall UP members and from November 16 at other partner outlets for €799.90.

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