Cristiano’s mother revealed where he will go and how long he will play – World Football

The mother of the superstar of world football Cristiano Ronaldo – Dolores Aveiro, commented on the future of the Manchester United player. She stated that one of Cristiano Ronaldo or his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. will go to play for Sporting Lisbon. The Lions are the club with which CR7 broke through in men’s football, and recently many experts have spoken about the possibility of Cristiano returning to the team.

“If Cristiano doesn’t go, his son will. It’s promised! It didn’t happen this year, but maybe next year. Next year, God willing. Who will inherit my son? He already has a successor in Christianinho. If the wishes of a mother and grandmother come true, the future of one of Ronaldo’s sons will go through Sporting,” she said.

Additionally, Dolores Aveiro commented on how long she thinks her son will play: “He has the will and he’ll be there until he’s 40.”

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