Cristiano Ronaldo and his family are getting to know their new home in Saudi Arabia

Unlike his colleague Leo Messi, whose posts on social networks are mainly related to his professional appearances, Cristiano Ronaldo often shares in the virtual space posts revealing personal moments for him. From time to time, the Portuguese likes to delight his more than five hundred and thirty million fans who follow his Instagram profile by lifting the curtain that has fallen tightly on his life outside the stadium.

It is therefore not at all surprising that shortly after he moved to Saudi Arabia, where he will reside for the next two years, as at the end of last week he officially signed a contract with Al Nasser FC, thanks to which he secured the highest salary in the history of football, equal to 200 million euros per year, he hastened to share with the users of the platform the first shots from there.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner showed how he and his family are getting to know the funniest parts of the capital Riyadh, which they will have to call home for a while. From the images that the athlete and his partner released online, it is clear that they decided to take their heirs to the amusement park “Riyadh Winter Wonderland”, which boasts the longest roller coaster of horrors on the planet, attracting lovers of extreme sensations from near and far.

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It is in front of its tracks that Georgina is seen walking alongside the children, apparently headed for the carousel they are riding in the next photo in the gallery, showing them with big smiles on their faces, sitting on her horses. They then appear to have stopped by one of the many stands where those willing to put their skills to the test can win a prize by testing their strength, accuracy, speed, etc., which is where the athlete apparently left with three huge stuffed toys. However, his little ones must have quickly forgotten about them when they next met a group of venue staff dressed up as superheroes from the Marvel universe, including Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Black Panther and Deadpool, walking among the visitors in order to cause additional excitement in the smallest of them. Their tour there ended with a visit to the park’s huge pool, where people could enjoy a special program with dolphins.

Photo: Official Instagram account

It is a curious fact that a few days ago foreign publications wrote that Saudi Arabia broke its own rules for the sake of Ronaldo and his beloved, allowing them to reside in it, albeit temporarily. In principle, the strict laws of the Arabian Peninsula do not allow the cohabitation of unmarried couples, and the footballer and the model, whose relationship has been going on for seven years, do not yet have one. However, according to a lawyer there, who was contacted for comment by the press, the country from the Middle East no longer monitors such violations so strictly, even more so if foreigners are involved.

However, one of the tabloids wrote that the popular couple still found a way to avoid possible problems with the authorities, for which Georgina was registered as Cristiano’s domestic servant… However, whether this is the case is not entirely certain.

Photo: Official Instagram profile

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