Court seen video of Giggs abusing his girlfriend, she spoke of ‘slavery’

The court in Manchester has been listening for a week to the serious accusations against the legend Ryan Giggs and the testimony of his girlfriend Kate Greville and her sister Emma.

Some of the things that have been said about him these days are downright shocking, but the defense of the once-glorious Manchester United and Wales winger rejects the allegations and will plead “not guilty”.

On Friday, the court also saw video evidence recorded by security cameras at Giggs’ home, as well as his boyfriend’s sister’s mobile phone.

Audio recordings of Emma calling the police about her sister being beaten by the ex-footballer were also heard, as well as parts of the uniformed officers’ conversations with Giggs when they arrived at the scene.

“It’s nothing special, her lip is bleeding,” Ryan tells a police officer. “She kicked me and I punched her in the mouth…”

The two have had numerous scandals in the months leading up to the formal complaint and lawsuit that sparked the lawsuit late last year.

Kate Greville told the court this week that she was systematically terrorized, Giggs had relationships with between 4 and 8 other women during their time together, and she discovered this and that’s how the row started.

“I felt like a slave, I was told what to do, I was harassed, but at least there was no physical violence before the last case,” describes the victim.

If found guilty of causing bodily harm, systemic harassment and “controlling behaviour”, Giggs could be jailed.

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