Corsair offers its HS65 and HS55 gaming headsets in a wireless version

Corsair continues to offer its wireless version of its gaming headsets and today it is the turn of the HS65 and HS55 to cut the cord. The HS65 Wireless is completely identical to its wired counterpart aesthetically speaking. There is an aluminum structure covered with plastic shells as well as memory foam pads covered with imitation leather placed at the level of the ear cups and the headband.

The particularity of this HS65 Wireless is to be compatible with Sonarworks SoundID technology, a system guiding the user to personalize his equalization profile. This function should be similar to what Jabra or JBL already does with their headphones.

Compatible with PC, PS5 and PS4, the HS65 Wireless comes with a USB-C adapter allowing it to communicate without latency thanks to a proprietary 2.4 GHz communication protocol. It also has Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to connect to a smartphone or tablet for example.

The HS65 Wireless is equipped with 50 mm speakers, has an omnidirectional microphone placed at the end of a folding boom and promises up to 24 hours of autonomy. It is already available in black or white at a price of €139.99.

In addition to this HS65 Wireless, Corsair is launching another headset called HS55 Wireless. The latter is almost identical to its big brother. Aesthetically, it loses the metal grid, replaced by a simple disc, and it is lighter: 266 g. It also loses compatibility with Sonarworks SoundID technology. The HS55 Wireless is also already available for €119.99.

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