Coros Apex 2 Pro review: a complete, light and durable multisport watch

Designed for sport, Coros watches use an interface that is logically articulated around sporting and physiological data. Some of them are displayed directly on the dial, the default one displaying, for example, the calories burned during the day, the number of steps, the number of floors climbed and the instantaneous heart rate. To access all the data, you have to browse the widgets by rotating the crown or by simply sliding your finger vertically on the touch screen.

The presentation of the widgets is reminiscent of that of Garmin watches. We thus quickly visualize calories expended, number of hours of activities carried out, number of steps, number of floors climbed, our running performance as well as a running predictor displaying the pace and estimated duration for key distances ( 5k, 10k, half and marathon), our level of fatigue and the training load of the last days, our level of recovery, our heart rate, the phases of our last night’s sleep, the altitude, the times of getting up and sunset, atmospheric pressure, our skin temperature and finally the training plan possibly started as well as the last notification. All it takes is a press of the crown button to access detailed information for each widget. The bottom button is used to return to the previous screen, while the top one is configurable and turns on the default screen.

An automatic lock is activated by default (can be deactivated), so as not to risk activating functions inadvertently. Simply keep the crown button pressed for approximately 2 seconds to unlock the watch.

The other functions of the watch are accessible via a menu that you open by holding down the bottom button: timer, stopwatch, alarms, do not disturb mode, music playback, compass, cartography… Everything you could have need for daily life or for sport is available in this menu. The corresponding icons then appear on the edges of the screen, in an arc. They are scrolled with the crown or by touch.

In terms of connected functions, on the other hand, you have to be content with notifications from the smartphone to which the watch is connected. The display is clear, but the name and icon of the application are unfortunately not indicated.

Displaying the list of activities is done simply by pressing the button on the crown. All that remains is to choose our sport from the 28 offered, then modify the parameters if necessary (choice of a split mode in running, for example), and then launch the activity by pressing the same button. . The watch then displays several data fields simultaneously (up to 8) and on several screens (configurable) which are simply scrolled by turning the wheel. Simple and efficient.

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