Connected lights: new color Lightguide bulbs at Philips Hue


Philips Hue is refreshing its family of connected lights. The manufacturer presented at the IFA in Berlin a new range of bulbs supposed to become “the centerpiece” interior decorations thanks to an atypical design.

Philips Hue continues to expand its catalog of smart bulbs. The manufacturer took advantage of the Berlin IFA to announce new products in an already extensive range. As loss leaders, Signify, which markets bulbs under the Hue brand, unveiled three models from the new Lightguide range.

From 85 €

These accessories, which are somewhat reminiscent of the filament bulbs launched in 2019, present according to the manufacturer “a contemporary and striking design for a modern and eye-catching style”. The bulbs themselves have a fairly massive style that will certainly allow them to stand out in the middle of the living room or a living room. Gadgets are available in three shapes: globe, oval or triangular. Inside, a rather sober LED looks like a simple luminous tube.

The new shapes of Lightguide bulbs.

© Signify

Unlike old filament bulbs, these products offer white (warm and cold) and color lighting. The manufacturer promises an intensity of up to 500 lumens with the addition “a shiny, reflective finish that makes them shine even more”. In order to enhance them even more, Signify will offer a dedicated cable and socket, supposed to transform them into “a real showpiece” of interior decoration.

These bulbs will be available at the end of 2022 and will cost between 85 and 100 € each. By deciding to acquire the pack with socket and cable, you will have to add 50 € to the bill. A price a bit high for a stupid suspension…

New filament bulb

These Lightguide bulbs aren’t all Signify has grabbed in its Berlin bag. The manufacturer also announced a new version of its filament flame bulb. The E14 model will in fact gain the possibility of going from warm white to cold white, through all the intermediate shades. Filament bulbs were until now only adjustable in intensity and not in white temperature.

This model will be available from September 13, 2022 for €45 or €65 for a pack of two.

Illustration Hue 2

New filament bulbs will be able to change their temperature from white.

© Signify

Finally, a LightStrip light strip for PC was also presented, specially designed to stick elegantly to the back of a game screen (24, 27, 32 or 34 inches) and give an Ambilight-like atmosphere to the games. It will be compatible with the Corsair iCUE software to synchronize the color of the lighting to those of the various RGB peripherals. Prices range from €150 to €299 depending on the pack chosen. As with the E14 bulb, this accessory will be available from September 13.

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