Comparative Duel: Womanizer Duo vs Lelo Enigma

These clitoral stimulators sport a polished aesthetic. They opted for extra-soft silicone and a remarkable silhouette thanks to their penetrating upper – particularly flexible in the case of the Lelo. That of the Womanizer is slightly wider – by a small centimeter – to reach 9 x 4 cm; against 9 x 3 cm for the Lelo.

The Duo tries to adapt as well as possible to all morphologies by providing two different tips for the clitoris, against only one for the Enigma.

The particular silhouette of the Lelo Enigma, however, gives it an almost perfect grip: a handle is drawn thanks to a bulb containing its three controls. Two of them take care of decreasing and increasing the intensity (eight in all), while the third turns on the device and allows you to alternate the modes (eight also). However, there is no possibility of activating one or the other stimulation: vibrations and pulsations go hand in hand. Damage.

The Womanizer Duo’s control panel is much more complex, with no less than eight buttons to turn on the sex toy, choose vibrations (ten levels), pulsations (twelve levels) or both, vary the intensity or even activate the AfterGlow feature — to return to minimum intensity in the blink of an eye. In short, it takes a few uses before mastering the Womanizer Duo.
Especially since no mode is provided to vary the pace, despite a more than complete control panel.

It therefore took a large head to be able to accommodate all these buttons, which makes the sex toy weigh slightly heavier than its Swedish competitor. On the scale, the Womanizer Duo displays 265 g (against 199 g for the Lelo Enigma).

And each manufacturer has their own process. Womanizer obviously incorporates its flagship Pleasure Air technology, which creates variations in air pressure by alternating pulsations and massage. Opposite, the Lelo, thanks to its SenSonic technology, releases sonic pulsations on the clitoris. In the endthe principle is the same: it involves non-contact stimulation to avoid numbing the clitoris and to promote multiple orgasms.

Finally, like most clitoral stimulators, both models are waterproof. They can then follow the user in the shower or in the bath. And this feature is also welcome when cleaning the devices: just submerge the sex toys and wash them with a mild soap before storing them in their storage pouch.

It was necessary to decide between the two competitors who arrive neck and neck in this round. It is finally won by the Lelo Enigma!

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