Close to Putin: The Kremlin is in a panic

Close to Putin: The Kremlin is in a panic

He secretly appealed to Western countries for help

A senior Kremlin politician has secretly appealed to Western countries for help in ending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The British newspaper “Mirror” cited reports of Western intelligence services, in which there were words of a Putin confidant that the Kremlin was in a panic, reports NOVA.

According to the report of the intelligence agencies, a senior representative of the regime approached the CIA behind Putin’s back with a request to end the invasion of Ukraine. The information also claims that senior politicians in Moscow were very worried about the sanctions and the collapsing economy. They were also panicked by the shelling near the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye. “The shelling may damage the NPP, but most likely not the reactor itself. It is well protected. It has a strong body and a reinforced concrete shell. Its cooling system may be damaged, as a result of which another rather severe accident is possible, not at the level of Chernobyl, but at the level of Fukushima”, radiochemist Boris Zhukov expressed his concern.

The UN has the capacity and logistics to support an International Atomic Energy Agency mission at the Zaporizhia NPP, said Stefan Durich, spokesman for the world organization

Just a week after the powerful explosions at a Russian military base in Crimea, today a series of explosions took place in an ammunition warehouse in the village of Maiskoye, in the northern part of the peninsula. Initially, Moscow announced that it was a fire, but then changed the version. “Currently, according to the data of the Ministry of Defense, the cause of today’s incident is sabotage. We just found out what happened,” said the Russian-appointed governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksionov. The Russian authorities of the occupied Crimea have evacuated more than 3 thousand people from Maiskoye and Azovka. A substation also caught fire in the same area around the same time, and the fire damaged a railway line.