Clear Channel France joins the association Les Relocateurs!

Clear Channel France announces its arrival within the association Les Relocaliseurs, whose mission is to promote the relocation of media purchases.

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As media in the street and actor of the city established in all the places of life, mobility, and consumption of the French, it seemed logical to us to support the association Les Relocaliseurs to make the French aware of the role of utility social and economic impact of our media in the territories. We are indeed thehe only geolocated media physically implanted in the street that works with both public and private grantors but also brands and local commerce to improve “better living together ยป and revitalize the local economic fabric says Guillaume Jaccarini, Strategy and Marketing Director of Clear Channel France.

The arrival of Clear Channel France within the association will make it possible to enrich the work of reflection and the actions intended to make advertisers aware of the challenges of media relocation. By demonstrating that the French, national and local media are effective in supporting their campaigns, but that their development is also an issue of revitalizing the territories on the economic, social and societal level.

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