Cheating, drugs and divorce: The scandals in the royal family

While Queen Elizabeth II appears flawless in both public and private image, perhaps the only transgressions she has failed to address, despite her best efforts, were not her own, but those of her children and grandchildren. Thus, over the years, the whole world learned about the discords, infidelities, relations with
minors, divorces, and even discord between two brothers. What are the biggest scandals in the Royal Family?

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We begin with King Charles III, who has been under fire for decades for revealing details surrounding his marriage to Princess Diana. Finally, it is the queen who insists on a divorce.
Soon after the fairytale wedding in 1981, the media began to hint at impending nightmares – a phone conversation between Charles and his mistress leaked, an infamous Diana interview in which Lady Di sadly admitted “There were three of us in this marriage and it was a bit overcrowded’ – a line that to this day many blame Camilla Parker Bowles – the current Queen Consort – for the breakdown of the ‘Princess of Wales’ marriage. We can hardly forget the public anger against Charles after that tragic accident in 1997 when Lady Di lost her life. The world was in shock.

We continue with Charles III’s sister, Princess Anne, and her unhappy marriage. For years, tabloids filled their front pages with pictures of the Queen’s only daughter’s failing marriage. Headlines like ‘Crisis in royal marriage’ and ‘Can this marriage be saved?’

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In 1973, Anne married army officer and Olympic equestrian Mark Phillips in a lavish ceremony. But reporters call the nearly 20-year marriage “unhappy and riddled with infidelity on both sides.” The two separated in 1989, and the divorce came in 1992 – during the so-called “annus horribilis” or the terrible year for the queen.

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For many years before he gave up his official duties as a royal, little Harry’s behavior often caused not only the press but also his family to frown. The Nazi costume with a swastika from a party in 2005 remains memorable, not to mention drunken rants, a fight with a paparazzi outside a disco, playing billiards without clothes, smoking marijuana. The saga with the grown-up Harry, or the so-called Megsit – Meghan and Harry’s exit from the royal family and the choice to live in America has probably already bored many viewers. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, accusations of racism in the royal court, as well as poor treatment, surfaced.

And if so far the scandals are mostly due to family discord, infidelity, temptations, substances and others, then the next scandal is definitely the one that outraged the British society the most – Prince Andrew, the third child of Elizabeth II and sex with a minor. This was undoubtedly the scandal that did the most damage to the image of the royal family. The revelations were made more than 10 years ago that Jeffrey Epstein’s friends Ghizlaine Maxwell were accused of trafficking teenage girls. In 2019, Andrew gave a disastrous interview in an attempt to defend his relationship with Epstein, which outraged a number of organizations to withdraw from him and call for him to step back from his public role as a royal. So it happened.

After the girl filed a lawsuit last year and it became clear that he would be given a move, Buckingham Palace announced that it was withdrawing all military titles and patronage from Andrew. It is no coincidence that this is the biggest crisis for the Windsors since the death of Diana.

But for many, both royal correspondents and monarchists, the most bitter scandal remains the strained relationship between King Charles III’s sons, Princes William and Harry.


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